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C2-22 Bidirectional Latent Lift AGV

C2-22 Bidirectional Latent Lifting AGV can run to the bottom of the material trolley, lift the material trolley and transport it to the destination. The design is streamlined and can operate in a narrow space to complete complex trajectories such as turning/rotating.

C2-22 Bidirectional Latent Lift AGV
C2-22 Bidirectional Latent Lift AGV

Parameters of  C2-22 Bidirectional Latent Lift AGV

Navigation TypeQR code navigation/SLAM navigationDriving methodDual-wheel differential drive
Base dimensionsL900*W650*H300( mm)Battery charging methodBumping into contact charging
Run directionMove forward/backward, rotateBattery typeLithium battery
Load capacity600KGCommunicationWiFi / 5G
Moving speed0~72m/min(QR code navigation); 0~60m/min(SLAM
Safety warningLighting warning, voice broadcast
Lift height50mmSafety detecting range≤3m(adjustable)
Navigation accuracy±5mm(QR code navigation); ±10(SLAM navigation)Safety circuitsafety laser scanner+anti-collision bumper
Stopping accuracy±5mm(QR code navigation); ±10(SLAM navigation)

Core Advantages of C2-22 bidirectional latent lift AGV

Core Advantages of C2-22 bidirectional latent lift AGV

Flexible mobility

90-degree corner or 180-degree in-situ rotating turn, can run in a narrow space.

Strong adaptability to the environment

The map is self-learning, and the operation map is automatically updated according to the on-site environment when working, which greatly improves the environmental adaptability.

Lifting control

It can interact with the elevator to complete the operation of automatically going up and down floors.

High positioning accuracy

The primary positioning accuracy can reach ±10mm, and the secondary positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm

High work efficiency

Equipped with a full servo drive, which can increase the speed quickly (0-72 meters per min in only 3 seconds), and has a fast rotation function (in-situ rotation in only 3 seconds)

Multi-AGV linkage

Synchronous linkage of multiple AGVs is suitable for complex material handling scenarios.

Automation and labor saving

No manual intervention is required during the production process, and the dispatching system controls fully automatic operation.

Fault self-check

With fault self-checking function, remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery function.

Automatic battery charging

When the AGV detects a low battery state, it will automatically move to the charging station for charging. The online time can reach 24 hours a day to improve productivity.

Multiple security protection

Equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound and light warning to ensure safe operation.

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