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CCM Customized AGV

The customized AGV for sale is a customized AGV for the SMT production line, which can automatically transfer the PCBA board materials in the basket at different heights, with flexible operation and stable driving. It supports customized navigation methods according to requirements, which can realize the end-to-end efficient transfer of basket-mounted PCBA board materials at different heights, saving labor costs.

CASUN CCM Customized AGV Series

CCM Unit Load Carrier AGV Trolley

Benefits of C3 Unit Load Carrier AGV Trolley
Benefits of C3 Unit Load Carrier AGV Trolley

1. Adapt to multiple navigation methods

The Load shifting AGV/AMR is adapted to four types of navigation methods, including SLAM navigation, laser navigation, QR code robot navigation and magnetic tape navigation. Customers could choose the most suitable navigation method according to the on-site needs, thus making the best solution.

2. Automatic transport

The unit load carrier AGV/AMR trolley can pick or deliver the material automatically from the production line.

3. Flexible docking 

We have four types of roller decks: single deck, one layer double-deck, one layer triple deck and two-layer double-deck to dock with different docking mechanisms. The docking unit can lift and adjust its height automatically to dock with the assembly stand.

4. Several  communication methods with assembly stand

The unit load carrier AGV/AMR can communicate with machines with wireless communication, optical data communication or software communication. The transporting device can be equipped with a code reading function to upload the code data it has scanned to the MES or WMS system.

CCM Automated Tugger AGV

Benefits of C4 Automated Tugger AGV
Benefits of C4 Automated Tugger AGV

1. Stable operation

The tugger AGV/AMR mainly performs magnetic tape or laser navigation method, and they are both featured by a stable operation. If needed, tugger AGV/AMR could also be adapted to SLAM navigation.

2. Rear towing type 

This type of AMR/AGV tugger hauls cart with its rear tow bolt. The cart can be manually hitched or it can be designed to hitch and unhitch carts automatically.

3. Large load capacity

Being able to haul multiple carts at the same time, the max. The payload of AMR/AGV tugger is up to 5000Kg. 

3. Strong adaptability of environment

The rear towing type automated tugger AGV/AMR is able to travel outdoors with a water-proof design, thus achieving efficient cross-plant transportation of material.

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