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Automated Guided Vehicle System From CASUIN

Casun's AGV intelligent control system is the management platform of automated guided vehicle cluster, which integrates the path planning, traffic control, task scheduling, visual monitoring and other functions of robot cluster to maximize the overall efficiency.

Automated Guided Vehicle System From CASUIN

Get In-depth Understanding of CASUN AGV System

The intelligent control system is an automatic guide vehicle cluster scheduling management system.
Warehouse management system is an information management solution for all types of warehouses.
What CASUN AGV Control System Can Do For You

What CASUN AGV Control System Can Do For You

The system is based on the most advanced Web technology and can be deployed in the cloud or privatized. The running status of the AGV can be monitored in real time through the browser. The powerful AI algorithm can accurately control each vehicle in the cluster, so that the AGV cluster can work together to ensure the efficiency of the whole system. The system is user-friendly and easy to configure, making it easy to create orders and manage entire fleets. A variety of charging strategies, so that the vehicle can be in accordance with the specified strategy of automatic charging. Rich API interface, so that users can define their own task scheduling vehicles.

Efficient System
System-Friendly Configuration
Automatic Charging

CASUN AGV Control System In Different Application

Casun AGVs are suitable for smart factories, providing a strong guarantee for material transportation in smart warehousing and automated production lines.

CASUN AGV Control System In Different Application
  • Material And Product Warehousing Management

    Casun AGVs management system controls the entire receiving process of material warehousing, material retrieval, raw material transportation, and finished product delivery, and provides replenishment for the production line operation process.

  • Shipment Pre-processing

    The intelligent warehouse management system can reasonably arrange warehouse storage space, and reasonably arrange material and product outbound and inbound plans according to the storage situation.

  • Cross-factory Transportation

    AGVs can realize material flow between different production lines and warehouses across floors.

  • Cross-production Line Transportation

    AGVs can realize automatic operation by connection with roller conveyors.

    AGVs can realize production line transportation between different specifications/heights by adjusting the roller conveyor’s height.

    AGVs can transport unstable or irregular materials by adjusting fixtures.

    AGVs can re-align the material position through the guiding mechanism to ensure that the offline mechanism can receive materials correctly.

  • Automatic Storage And Transportation

    Ensure safe transportation of materials and products through unmanned contact, reduce product contact and damage.

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