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AGV Navigation Control System from CASUN

Casun's AGV Fleet Management Software System is the management platform for automated guided vehicle clusters, which integrates the path planning, traffic control, task scheduling, visual monitoring and other functions of robot clusters to maximize the overall efficiency.

AGV Navigation Control System from CASUN

Understanding CASUN AGV Fleet Management System

The intelligent AGV control system is an automatic guide vehicle cluster scheduling management system.
Warehouse management system is an information management solution for all types of warehouses.

CASUN AGV Traffic Control System In Different Application

Casun China AGV is suitable for smart factories, providing a strong guarantee for material transportation in smart warehousing and automated production lines.

CASUN AGV Control System In Different Application
  • Material And Product Warehousing Management

    Casun AGV management system controls the entire receiving process of material warehousing, material retrieval, raw material transportation, and finished product delivery, and provides replenishment for the production line operation process.

  • Shipment Pre-processing

    The intelligent warehouse management system can reasonably arrange warehouse storage space, and reasonably arrange material and product outbound and inbound plans according to the storage situation.

  • Cross-factory Transportation

    The AGV control system can realize material flow between different production lines and warehouses across floors.

  • Cross-production Line Transportation

    The AGV drive system can realize automatic operation by connection with roller conveyors.

    AGV guidance systems can realize production line transportation between different specifications/heights by adjusting the roller conveyor's height.

    AGVs in automotive industry can transport unstable or irregular materials by adjusting fixtures.

    AGV navigation system can re-align the material position through the guiding mechanism to ensure that the offline mechanism can receive materials correctly.

  • Automatic Storage And Transportation

    The VNA AGV control system ensures safe transportation of materials and products through unmanned contact, reduces product contact and damage.

Why Choose Casun Company's AGV Navigation Software

Why Choose Casun Company's AGV Navigation Software
  • Support and Services

    CASUN provides comprehensive support and services to their customers. This includes software updates, technical support, training, and consulting services. Our team of experts assists with the deployment, maintenance, and optimization of the AGV navigation software, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced Technology

    CASUN utilizes advanced technologies such as advanced path planning algorithms, sensor fusion, and real-time obstacle detection to provide robust and intelligent navigation solutions. Our software incorporates state-of-the-art features that ensure efficient and safe AGV operations.

  • Seamless Integration

    CASUN's navigation software seamlessly integrates with various AGV systems and enterprise software platforms, including warehouse management systems (WMS). This integration allows for centralized coordination, efficient task allocation, and synchronized data exchange, optimizing overall system performance.

  • Reliability and Safety

    CASUN prioritizes the safety of AGV operations. Our navigation software incorporates intelligent obstacle detection and avoidance mechanisms, ensuring the AGVs can navigate around static and dynamic obstacles without compromising safety. The software is designed to deliver reliable performance even in complex and dynamic environments.

How AGV Traffic Control Works?

The robot control system can interface with upper-level enterprise systems or warehouse-related systems, enabling efficient coordination. It can control AGV/AMR for efficient handling and provide real-time monitoring of the mobile robots' operational status, issue feedback, battery status, and more. The low-cost implementation of intelligent warehousing management can be achieved through the warehouse location management system, which enables real-time monitoring of goods' storage, inbound and outbound processes, and optimal allocation of storage space, thus reducing resource wastage compared to traditional management models. The warehouse equipment control system facilitates control over various types of automated logistics equipment. The digital simulation system helps identify potential issues during the design and planning stages, ensuring efficient project delivery. By synergizing these systems, high-quality digital logistics products can be delivered to customers.

AGV System FAQs

  • Q
    How accurate is AGV navigation control system positioning?

    The accuracy of AGV navigation system positioning depends on the specific technology used. Laser-based systems tend to provide high accuracy, while vision-based systems may have slight variations based on lighting conditions. However, advancements in technology have significantly improved the accuracy of AGV fleet management system overall.

  • Q
    Can AGV navigation control systems be integrated with other systems?

    Yes, AGV navigation software can be integrated with other systems such as warehouse management systems (WMS) or traffic management systems. Integration enables better coordination, task optimization, and data exchange between different systems for improved overall efficiency.

  • Q
    What are the maintenance requirements for AGV management systems?

    Maintenance requirements for AGV control system generally involve regular calibration of sensors, software updates, and periodic inspections to ensure proper functioning. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations for maintenance to maximize system performance.

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