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  • Compatible with a variety of navigation modes

  • Covering multiple application scenarios by AGV system 

  • Fast installation, simple debugging, high-cost performance

AGV/AMR Application Optimized Internal Logistics in Countless Industries
AGV/AMR Application Optimized Internal Logistics in Countless Industries
Cover more than 20 bulk industries, through the entire transportation process, meanwhile, it can be from material transfer to the information collection and realizes the logistics data double closed loop.
AGV For Automobile CASUN AGV In Automobile

As one of the first industries to use AGV and cooperate with AGV(automated guided vehicle) suppliers, the automobile industry is in the four major processes (stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly) of the entire vehicle manufacturing of automobiles. In different process links, AGV robots play different roles to help realize the automation and intelligence of logistics handling.

AGV For Lithium Battery Industry CASUN AGV In Lithium Battery

With the explosion of the new energy vehicle market, the capacity of power battery is gradually expanding, and the requirements for its performance are becoming higher and higher. Generally, the automation level of lithium ion battery production is directly related to the quality of the battery, so the application of full automation in lithium battery industry is increasingly concerned. With the continuous intervention of intelligent equipment in power battery production, assembly and other links, AGV (guided vehicle) has also been widely used by major cell and battery PACK manufacturers

AGV For Logistics Storage CASUN AGV In Logistics Storage

The emergence of AGVs has just solved the troubles of rising labor costs and strict requirements on efficiency. AGVs have promoted the pace of smart logistics. With the rapid development of modern smart cities, it has also accelerated the wide application of smart AGVs in multiple scenarios in manufacturing industry. AGVs from various AMR(autonomous mobile robots) manufacturers play an important role as an indispensable part of smart logistics.

AGV For Flat Panel Display CASUN AGV In Flat Panel Display

The electronic information flow requirements of the production line are getting higher and higher, panels design are diversified, process is complicated, and cross-line production is frequently switched. Flexible production has become the general trend. How to achieve intelligent production and transportation?AGVs answer it. Empower flat panel display companies to provide world-leading logistics services to their customers.

AGV For Home Appliance CASUN AGV In Home Appliance

Affected by covid-19 in 2020, the scale of the global small home appliance market has declined. Taking into account the mild recovery of the global economy and the development of emerging markets, it is expected that the global small home appliance industry will maintain a growth rate of about 5%-6% in the future, reaching 209.72 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. At present, bulk home appliances are still the main consumer target in the market, and AGV can just solve the pain points of the logistics and transportation of large home appliances and improve the overall production efficiency.

AGV For Food & Beverage CASUN AGV In Food & Beverage

As one of the most professional AGV(automated guided vehicle) manufacturers, Casun AGV has larger application space in food automation production lines, such as clean workshops, dust-free workshops, high and low temperature workshops, etc. At the same time, people's demand for food and beverage products increases, and the industry needs a lot of automation equipment for production increase and expansion. AGV is an essential part of it.

AGV For CASUN In Household CASUN AGV In Household

People pay more attention to the overall layout of housing space, design participation, brand connotation, health and environmental protection and other factors. Customized furniture has become more and more popular among consumers and has become a new rapid growth point in the furniture consumption field in recent years. However, the production of customized furniture has more complicated processes and management processes, and requires higher enterprise information technology and flexible production technology. The introduction of AGV can greatly reduce the degree of difficulty.

AGV For Pharmaceuticals CASUN AGV In Pharmaceuticals

According to Statista's data, the market share of North America has remained above 40% from 2010 to 2019, and its market share in 2019 was 48.7%. The second is the European market, which has maintained a market share of more than 20%, but has shown a shrinking trend in recent years, with a market share of 22.9% in 2019. Related to this, the smart upgrade of pharmaceutical companies has become the main way to meet market demand.

AGV For Apparel CASUN AGV In Apparel

Competition in the clothing industry is very fierce, profits are declining, and labor costs are increasing year by year. Many clothing companies have to upgrade automation and introduce automated equipment such as AGVs.

It is more common for garment factories to use AGV trolleys to transport raw materials in the workshop, and to transport production materials back and forth in the workshop, which is convenient for workers to pick up materials.

AGV For Petrochemical CASUN AGV In Petrochemical

The oil and gas industry is developing a circular economy to improve the sustainability of its operations and help combat climate change. By 2030, the circular economy provides a market opportunity of more than 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars. The smart warehouse in the petrochemical industry can realize the transformation of the warehousing model from "people looking for goods" to "goods looking for people", taking a solid step towards the goal of creating a green and intelligent material supply chain.

AGV For Tobacco industry CASUN AGV In Tobacco

To establish a digital, intelligent, and lean modern factory, its core strategy is to establish a modern smart factory, implement lean production, and improve lean management capabilities. From the perspective of "Industry 4.0", smart factories in the tobacco industry should also be built on the basis of information technology constructed by the Internet of Things and service networks. As the degree of automation in the tobacco industry continues to increase, tobacco informatization has introduced an integrated manufacturing system that integrates silk production, cigarette production, logistics automation, production security sub-systems, and a full-process automation system that integrates enterprise management and control.

AGV For 3C Electronics Industry CASUN AGV In 3C Electronics

The huge output value and volume of the 3C electronics industry each year provide a huge market capacity for AGV demand; the contradiction between a large number of labor demand and difficulty in recruiting has become the reason for AGV company to enter the market.

Industry Automation Starts With CASUN AGVs
CASUN Software Delivers Maximum Operational Efficiency
CASUN Software Delivers Maximum Operational Efficiency
Compatible with a variety of navigation modes and communication modes. Dispatch more than 1000 AGVs at the same time. Realize the intelligent management and planning together with opening standard API.
AGV System
The intelligent management system is independently developed by Casun Intelligent Robot providing a firm guarantee for customers to introduce large-scale mobile robots in intelligent storage and factory scenarios.
AI Algorithms
A variety of advanced algorithms independently developed by Casun Intelligent Robot can be applied to a multiple scenarios.
CASUN-Automation Intelligent Production Solutions Leader
Strive to become the world's leading China AGV manufacturer

CASUN Smart Robot adheres to independent research and development, and currently has nearly 100 invention patents and other patents. As one of the experienced AGV automated guided vehicle China manufacturers, CASUN has won the "national high-tech enterprise", "Shenzhen top ten robots brand", "Shenzhen enterprise innovation record", "Shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises", "robot cultivate enterprise of Guangdong province", "robot association vice President unit of Guangdong province", passed the ISO9001 system certification, the European Union "CE", "CR certification" and so on a number of honor Qualification.


The total shipment of various types of AGV(automated guided vehicle) from China exceeded 28000 sets


The business networks of our China AGV company cover worldwide, with 50 subsidiaries, offices, and agents


Has about 100+ invention patents and other various patents


Casun Intelligent Robot was founded in 2007, focus in AGV industry for 17 years


More than 3000+ AGV system solutions have been completed and delivered