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"Soft" and "Hard" Integration Empowers the Intelligent and Flexible Upgrade of the Automotive Parts Industry

With the diversification of consumer demands and the continuous development and progress of technology, the automotive manufacturing industry is constantly improving in intelligence and automation. By means of digital design, intelligent manufacturing, and other means, rapid and flexible personalized customization can be achieved to meet consumer demands. By means of energy saving and consumption reduction, waste emission reduction, etc., environmental pollution can be reduced and sustainable development can be achieved. By means of digital simulation, intelligent perception, and other technological means, the safety performance of automobiles can be improved, the incidence of traffic accidents can be reduced, and people's lives and property can be protected.


CASUN in the automotive industry

Project background

As one of the core links in automobile manufacturing, the automobile assembly workshop is constantly exploring and practicing the trend of intelligence to maintain its competitive advantage. By means of flexible automated production lines, intelligent logistics, etc., production costs can be reduced, and production efficiency and product quality can be improved.

This project is a smart logistics project for the assembly workshop of automobile and parts industry, which helps customers to achieve autonomous access to spare parts, purchased parts, and self-made parts and store them temporarily at the line side or flexible assembly line through flexible automated warehousing and intelligent logistics, and realize intelligent distribution and flexible production line upgrading of the central control system.

Project difficulties

  • High production rhythm requirements

The production rhythm is rapid, and the rhythm time is less than1 minute. High task connection is required for AGV, which needs to quickly follow up the turnover rhythm to ensure production efficiency.

  • Multiple on-site buffer locations

There are as many as600 or more buffer storage locations, including cache platform, line side cache points, and NG cache points. It is necessary to manage the system of each segment warehouse location, bind, record and trace task information, and ensure the fluency and consistency of information.

  • Complex production process

There are as many as20+ different process nodes, which require high scheduling algorithm logic for AGV.

CASUN solution in the automotive industry

The project applied hidden lifting mobile robots, hidden towing robots, automatic charging stations, CRMS mobile robot intelligent control system, wireless docking system, CWMS intelligent warehouse storage management system, etc.

The mobile robot intelligent control system cooperates with the intelligent warehouse storage management system to prioritize materials with large quantities and sizes, and put them outside the warehouse storage area, prioritize materials with large weights and high frequencies to the lower shelves, and prioritize materials with small weights and low frequencies to the higher shelves to increase the liquidity storage capacity of the shelves and improve the storage area efficiency and inbound and outbound efficiency. And bind, record and trace task information to ensure the fluency and consistency of information.

The mobile robot is adaptable to multiple loading methods and can meet the adaptability of the whole process scheduling. And adopt relay task delivery, and the endpoint of the previous task is used as the starting point of the new task after each task is completed, ensuring that the AGV can efficiently perform the handling tasks in a loop.


Advantages of CASUN solution in the automotive industry

Improve dispatching efficiency

The solution contains two navigation methods, magnetic navigation and QR code navigation, and the joint dispatching method effectively saves costs, improves dispatching efficiency, and reduces traffic control caused by unnecessary sub-regulation, etc.

Quickly realize intelligent management

The warehouse management system with mobile robot control system can realize intelligent warehouse management quickly and at low cost, and improve the utilization rate of flat warehouse.

Stronger execution capability

In order to avoid too many empty running tasks when AGV returns, which affects the utilization rate of AGV's equipment, relay type task distribution is adopted, each task ends and the previous task drop point is used as the starting point for new tasks, which ensures that AGV can perform handling tasks in a cyclic and efficient manner.

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