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Warehouse Management System

WMS Warehouse Management System From CASUN

As an intelligent warehouse management system,Casun's WMS software is flexible and expandable. By effectively integrating warehousing functions with robotic logistics, it provides an overall solution for warehousing management based on intelligent logistics.

Why Choose CASUN Automated Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System For Integrated Management

Integrated Management

Integrated management of multiple warehouses and multiple commodities effectively reduces labour and operating costs.

Warehouse Management System For Technology Convergence

Technology Convergence

In-depth integration of leading intelligent algorithms and mobile robot technology,which will maximize operational efficiency.

Warehouse Management System For Strong Scalability

Strong Scalability

The modular function can be flexibly expanded.

Warehouse Management System For Seamless Docking

Seamless Docking

Supports multiple data exchange formats, seamlessly connecting with upper-level ERP/MES and other systems.

Warehouse Management System For Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Custom report format to provide decision support for warehouse operation management.

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