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What Is The QR Code Navigation Warehousing Logistics AGV Trolley?

As the name implies, the two-dimensional code navigation warehousing logistics AGV trolley is navigated by scanning the two-dimensional code. Its principle is that the AGV auto scans the two-dimensional code laid on the ground through the camera, and obtains the current position information by analyzing the two-dimensional code information. In order to improve positioning accuracy, two-dimensional code navigation is usually combined with inertial navigation. Inertial navigation can use AGV internal sensors (photoelectric encoder, gyroscope) to obtain the current position and attitude, and assist in two-dimensional code navigation and positioning.

1. Working principle of QR Code Navigation

The working principle of the two-dimensional code navigation warehousing logistics AGV trolley is to control the scanning of the two-dimensional code sensor to obtain the position in the two-dimensional code image coordinate system laid on the ground; transmit the collected two-dimensional code image coordinate position information to the AGV control The controller calculates the coordinate data provided by the image sensor to determine the position of the image on the map; the dispatch system sends the AGV trolley navigation route instruction; the AGV trolley establishes the local navigation coordinate system and calculates the initial AGV trolley according to the received route instruction Position; the AGV controller controls the number of turns of the two wheels through the encoder information feedback, so that the AGV trolley drives to each two-dimensional code image label in the navigation path instruction sequence to complete the navigation path instruction. The specific implementation is to use the camera to recognize the two-dimensional code, and the program uses the information recognized by the camera to control walking. The planning of the route must consider all conditions, including separation of people and vehicles, passing through doors and passing elevators, and multi-vehicle obstacle avoidance.

2. Application of QR Code Navigation

The QR code navigation warehousing logistics AGV trolley is an intelligent unmanned AGV truck developed based on the concept of "artificial intelligence + logistics warehousing". Based on the inertial two-dimensional code navigation technology, combined with the ground two-dimensional code landmark assisted correction, the intelligent control system for automatic distribution of storage materials realizes multi-vehicle scheduling, multiple safety sensor protection, and guarantees the safe operation of AGV. It has changed the process of "people picking up" in traditional logistics, and innovatively used the "goods to people" method, which greatly improved efficiency. It quickly establishes itself in the intelligent warehouse with the advantages of not occupying a fixed floor area, high degree of automation, flexible application, safe and reliable, unmanned operation, and convenient maintenance. The two-dimensional code navigation warehousing logistics AGV trolley can realize the automatic transportation and automatic picking of AGV trolleys, and achieve a high degree of automation in the entire process of warehousing, loading and unloading, handling, stacking, storage, picking, packaging, outgoing, and delivery. , Thereby improving the efficiency of logistics turnover, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of logistics supply and realizing flexible storage functions.

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