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Industry Sharing: Exploration of Logistics Scenarios in Lithium Battery Industry

New energy vehicles are an important direction for the green development, transformation and upgrading of the global auto industry, and the power battery market is ushering in a "golden period" of development. In this context, technological progress, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are not only the pursuit of power battery companies, but also the focus of lithium battery equipment suppliers.

The power battery industry is sprinting into the TWh era. High-quality and high-efficiency production requirements force new processes and new equipment to be iteratively upgraded, and the concept of intelligent manufacturing has accelerated. In the context of large-scale production expansion, the traditional manufacturing process has been unable to meet the needs of battery companies to improve production efficiency and product performance. put forward higher requirements.

Ⅰ. The new trend of smart AGV in the lithium battery industry

Automation, intelligence and flexibility are the inevitable trends for the large-scale production of lithium batteries in the future. To realize the "three modernizations" of lithium battery production, building an automated smart AGV system has become the industry standard.

Judging from the years of experience of Casun Intellingent, its application value and economic benefits are obvious.

1. Application value of smart AGV

Improve the convenience of raw material storage, promote unmanned material handling in the workshop, and ensure that the automatic charging and discharging detection system is efficient and accurate;

Realize the needs of automatic material handling and mixed production of batteries of different specifications in the production of lithium batteries, and improve flexibility and intelligence;

The QR code/bar code is used as the information carrier to realize the informatization of material receiving, sending and storing management and the whole-process automatic traceability management of battery cells;

Reduce the loss and error of misoperation in the manual sorting process, and improve the quality and operation efficiency.

2. Economic benefits of smart AGV

Construction and operation costs are reduced by 20%;

Workshop production staff reduced by 25%;

Product defect rate decreased by 12.5%;

Production efficiency increased by 25%;

Warehouse utilization is as high as 40%.

Ⅱ. CASUN's smart AGV lithium battery industry smart logistics solutions

According to the power lithium battery production process, the required equipment can be divided into front-end equipment (ingredients - production), middle-stage equipment (winding - sealing), and back-end equipment (forming - testing), and the investment ratio is about 5 :3:2. In each piece of equipment, battery companies have different intelligent logistics needs.

In the production process of power lithium battery, smart AGV should be designed according to the technological process and needs, provide customized solutions for intelligent logistics and intelligent dispatching system, and establish and improve the intelligent production logistics system solution of new energy power battery.

The AGV intelligent management system independently developed by Casun Intellingent is compatible with various navigation types of AGV vehicles such as SLAM, laser, two-dimensional code, magnetic navigation, etc. It has functions such as communication with AGV, task issuance, and traffic control. The core task of the system is to manage and schedule AGVs, provide necessary data to the view, and drive third-party plug-ins to connect with third-party device software to open up data links.

With the upgrading of lithium battery manufacturing automation, intelligence and flexibility, the application of smart AGV in lithium battery manufacturing is no longer the completion of simple handling, but the output of a complete set of intelligent logistics solutions for production lines. Based on the traditional application of AGV/AMR in the lithium battery industry, Casun Intellingent analyzes the new concept of smart logistics planning from the perspective of AGV/AMR technology innovation and application scenario innovation, helping lithium battery production enterprises to open up all scenarios and realize data closed-loop.

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