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Application of AGV in Automobile Assembly Workshop

Ⅰ. AGV application benefits in automobile assembly workshop

1. Save manpower:

The application of AGV carts has changed the mode of logistics and transportation, which can efficiently replace manual handling and reduce material distribution personnel;

2. Reduce errors:

The precise connection of the system reduces the problem of material supply caused by human error;

3. Improve production efficiency:

Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency;

4. Reduce security risks:

AGV carts replace battery vehicles, forklifts and other operating vehicles, which greatly reduces the safety hazards caused by man-machine shuttle;

5. The degree of intelligence is improved:

The seamless connection between each process through AGV improves the intelligence of the factory;

6. Save space and improve space utilization:

The flexibility of AGV solves the problems of large space occupation and difficult transformation of traditional transmission tools. Traction-type AGVs are mostly used in logistics and transportation, which are small in size and low in price.

Ⅱ. AGV application scenarios in automobile assembly workshops

AGV can be divided into many types according to different elements (such as navigation mode, load mode, etc.), and the AGV application angle and AGV function are classified in the automobile assembly workshop, and the AGV application scenarios in the assembly workshop are listed. There are mainly two types of assembly AGVs and distribution AGVs in the final assembly workshop.

1. Assembly AGV

Assembly-type AGVs are mainly used for the assembly of the powertrain on the car chassis line, the rear suspension assembly with the compression shock-absorbing spring, and the body-in-white. According to the form of its lifting mechanism, it can be divided into single-lift type and double-lift type. type.

Application scenarios:

(1) The single-lift AGV consists of an AGV body and a lift. It is mainly suitable for the combination of the powertrain of the car and the body-in-white, and the combination of the rear suspension assembly with the compression shock-absorbing spring and the body-in-white.

(2) The double-lift AGV consists of an AGV body and two elevators, etc. It is mainly suitable for the combination of the powertrain of the car and the body-in-white, and the rear suspension assembly with the compression shock-absorbing spring and the body-in-white.

2. Distribution AGV

The distribution AGV has a simple structure, is equipped with lifting pins, and has the functions of distribution, automatic decoupling and hooking of the same material vehicle. According to the driving method, the distribution AGV can be divided into one-way drive type and two-way drive type.

Application scenarios:

(1) One-way drive AGVs can only move forward in a single direction. The running route is a closed loop. Multiple AGVs can run simultaneously in sequence. It is suitable for line material distribution with strong rhythm. Same as SPS (SetPartsSupply) mode is the best choice for the application.

(2) The two-way drive AGV can walk in both forward and backward directions. The running route is a round-trip single line. Only one AGV is allowed to run alone on the running route. It is suitable for material transportation between two points, and the AGV travels back and forth between two points. During operation, the material tooling is fixed with the AGV, and only loading and unloading materials is the best choice.

The increasing living standards have also changed people's demand for automobiles. More and more personalized demands are prompting changes in the way automobiles are manufactured. Advanced production lines with high flexibility and high intelligence emerge as the times require. AGV replaces traditional fixed conveyor lines to make production more flexible, breaks the platform limitation of traditional production lines, and can realize mixed-flow production of different platforms and more models; at the same time, it breaks the boundaries of production processes, and can formulate corresponding production processes and production path according to different processes, so as to make more rational use of production resources.

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