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AGV Contributes to the Transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing

With the rapid changes in the general environment, the global manufacturing industry has begun to face some new challenges, such as the rise of the supply chain, the trend of small and diverse customization, and the need for personalized design, all of which have prompted the manufacturing industry to start thinking about how to transform. The industry 4.0/smart factory that has emerged in recent years is the best solution that can effectively solve the above problems.

According to relevant research reports, procedures such as storage, loading and unloading, waiting and delivery account for almost 95% of the time of the entire production process. As a result, the re-products and materials in the factory cannot be effectively reduced, and a lot of labor is consumed. The AGV unmanned truck in the smart factory can replace manual transportation, so that the original manpower can be engaged in higher-value work, which has aroused great concern and interest from many companies.

Ⅰ. Function of Casun AGV trolley

The AGV unmanned trucks developed by Casun Intelligent mainly include AGV trolley type and AGV forklift type, which can provide the following five values for the manufacturing industry:

1. Flexibility in the layout: no major changes to the existing factory layout are required.

2. Space-saving: the existing channels can be used to realize the co-flow of people and vehicles, and there is no need to set up a dedicated lane.

3. High rate of return: The cost can be recovered in about 1-2 years.

4. Solve the problem of lack of work: solve it completely.

5. Improve the image: The image of the smart factory is conducive to winning orders and attracting investors and talents.



Ⅱ. The intelligence of Casun AGV trolley

In addition, Casun's intelligent solutions can fully meet the operational needs of different factories, including entering and leaving elevators, crossing floors and automatic doors, and can also handle different types of vehicles, such as pallets and pallets, etc., and can be combined with manufacturing. Execution system (MES) and equipment connection to build an unmanned factory. We are making every effort to provide more accurate and stable logistics informatization and big data services for enterprises in the manufacturing field around the world to enter "Industry 4.0".

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