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Honorable Mention: Casun Wins Two Awards in the Automotive Industry

At the 2021 National Automotive Logistics Industry Annual Conference, CASUN was rated as "Excellent Technical Equipment Supplier in the Automotive Industry", and won the "2021 Automotive Logistics Industry Innovation Award" by virtue of the "Toyota Motor Tianjin Molding Workshop AGV Project". The automotive industry is the first industry that Casun serves. It has successfully implemented more than 100 smart logistics solutions for the automotive logistics field, and has been highly recognized by customers in the automotive industry.

Agv Vehicle

Ⅰ. CASUN was awarded as an excellent technical equipment supplier in the automotive industry

At the meeting, Mr. Deng Shaohao, Director of Central China of CASUN shared the theme of "New Era of Vehicle Manufacturing, New Concepts of On-site Logistics Planning".

First of all, he introduced the traditional application mode of AGV in the early on-site logistics planning of the automobile industry. From the four process workshops of automobile manufacturing stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop and final assembly workshop, AGV vehicles are in the field. The routine applications, scenarios and practical benefits of logistics are reviewed.

After more than 100 years of practical application in the automobile manufacturing industry and more than ten years of development, Casun continues to explore and innovate in the automobile industry, applying new product technologies and new application scenario solutions. Technological breakthroughs in navigation methods, perception technology, system capabilities, etc., to achieve large-scale cluster scheduling, mixed scheduling of different navigation modes, and cross-regional scheduling under the needs of automobile manufacturing in the new era, with the ability to jointly manage traffic with peer brands and achieve rapid deployment At the same time, the product has higher precision and meets the needs of more flexible production; in terms of application scenarios, four representative industry cases are used for a more in-depth and detailed introduction.

Finally, he introduced the comprehensive strength of Casun from the four dimensions of vitality, product strength, service strength and influence. He also emphasized that there are more logistics scenarios and needs of various forms in the automotive and auto parts industry chain. Casun will continue to explore and precipitate, to provide the automotive industry with better comprehensive solutions for on-site smart logistics, and to help the automotive industry. 

Ⅱ. CASUN won the automotive logistics industry innovation award

Agv Vehicle

Award-winning project: AGV project of Toyota Motor Tianjin Assembly Workshop

Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Background of the project:

The AGV project of Tianjin Toyota Automobile Assembly Workshop is mainly applied to the intelligent upgrade of the door line of the assembly workshop of the automobile OEM; the flexible transfer of the AGV is used to transport materials and semi-finished products to the corresponding stations to improve the transfer efficiency;

1. Project features:

① The traditional production line has high input cost

The traditional production line requires a lot of space in the workshop, and needs to be designed in advance, build a large number of steel platforms, and the input cost is high;

② Low space utilization

The actual space on site is limited, and large-angle turns are required, which cannot be realized by using traditional production lines. AGV can perfectly replace fixed production lines, which are flexible and changeable and make full use of space;

③ High requirements for operational flexibility

AGV realizes a series of actions such as straight running, turning, and spinning within the specified area, with strong flexibility and adaptability to operation in small spaces;

④ Construction renovation environment changes greatly

After using the AGV, there is no need to open pits on the ground, build a steel platform, trackless navigation, and the on-site environment remains unchanged;

2. Project plan:

① The project applies 11 SLAM navigation piggyback lift AGVs and 1 AGVS+PMS system;

② The material is automatically ordered through the system, and the AGV operates 24 hours a day;

③ Autonomous traffic control ability to ensure safe operation;

3. Project advantages: The flexible production line composed of multi-vehicle AGVs realizes the overall automated production process of the car back door from the warehouse raw material components, the production line operation and installation, and the finished back door off-line, which improves production efficiency and saves labor costs. ;

4. Industry influence

① Reduce traditional input and solve the problem of high input cost of traditional production line

AGV vehicles can perfectly replace fixed production lines, are flexible and changeable, and make full use of space. Reduce the area of land used, reduce the time period of construction investment, and reduce the number of personnel;

② Solve the problem of low space utilization

Utilize a small space to achieve complete functions and high utilization;

③ Improve the degree of intelligence

The seamless connection between each process through AGV improves the overall intelligence of the automotive industry.

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