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Intelligent Manufacturing Application Practice in Automobile Welding Workshop Helps the Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade of the Automobile Industry

The design of a modern automobile factory is a complex system engineering. As a typical welding factory among the four major processes of complete vehicles, it not only involves processes, equipment, engineering and logistics, but also meets the needs of product diversification and individualization, flexibility, high cycle time, energy saving and environmental protection.

This article combines the project practice of CASUN Intelligent in the comprehensive solution of intelligent logistics in the automotive industry for many years, and briefly analyzes the planning direction of the intelligent welding factory of AGV vehicles.

After stamping, the automobile side panels are directly entered into the body-in-white welding and assembly line after they come out of the stamping workshop. The welding line is the most complex and most automated production line in the entire automobile production line.


Ⅰ. The development direction of intelligent AGV vehicle body welding

In automotive architecture design, the chassis structure is relatively stable. For the body assembly with the same structure, the structure of the front cabin and floor assembly will not undergo qualitative changes. In order to attract customers, the main change of the body is the upper part.

When carrying out intelligent manufacturing planning of body welding, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the enterprise to determine the key development direction of intelligent body welding. Mechanization, automation, informatization, and intelligence are all critical components of this process, with intelligence standing as the ultimate goal. However, it is necessary to ensure that intelligence is built on a solid foundation of mechanization, automation, and informatization in order to achieve optimal performance and success in AGV automobile manufacturing.

Key directions of intelligent body welding:

1. Meet the intelligentization of flexible production of various car bodies;

2. Intelligent monitoring of body welding quality;

3. Intelligent monitoring of welding equipment and tooling status;

4. Intelligent logistics management of workshop parts;

5. Visual prediction, pre-control, pre-warning and pre-overhaul of mechanical and electrical failures of production line equipment.

Ⅱ. Upgrade of intelligent AGV vehicles with body welding

Intelligent upgrade is a complete set of systematic implementation plan. The upgrading of body welding from automated production to intelligent production requires the manufacturing planning department to establish a welding system from planning on the basis of extensive research, in-depth analysis, and overall consideration of technological development trends. Intelligent manufacturing management system, to meet the flexible production environment of various car bodies, establish a visual intelligent monitoring system for car body welding quality and dimensional accuracy, establish an intelligent logistics system for welded body parts, and establish visualization of mechanical and electrical failures of major equipment in the welding line creatively carry out planning work in several key areas such as the pre-control mechanism.

CASUN Intelligent has focused on the field of AGV vehicles for 14 years. As a professional intelligent logistics comprehensive solution service enterprise and AGV manufacturer, it has a large number of application practices in the intelligent welding workshop of automobiles. The upgrading of intelligent logistics in the welding workshop focuses on the upgrade planning of the following systems.

1. Planning and establishing an intelligent manufacturing management system for welding

The intelligent production management system should be connected with the factory's intelligent manufacturing management system, and effectively interconnect with the welding intelligent manufacturing unit and intelligent equipment group, and issue and receive various manufacturing instructions, production plans, queue sequences, product specifications, process parameters, etc.;

Automatic online data collection. Online detection of body welding process data, including temperature, time, current, voltage, pressure, glue coating parameters, etc. related to body welding; online detection of sub-assembly geometric dimensions, vehicle body geometric dimensions, welding fixture status parameters, etc.; intelligent logistics manage. Obtain stamping parts identification, main parts positioning, parts inventory quantity, parts logistics management, error prevention management, etc.;

Through the intelligent manufacturing system, big data analysis and prediction, early warning, deviation correction, etc. are carried out on the detected welding data and geometric dimension data to ensure that the welding strength and geometric dimension of the car body are qualified and consistent.

2. Plan to establish an intelligent logistics system for welded body parts

The intelligent manufacturing management system is the basis of the intelligent logistics system and AGV application planning. When carrying out the layout design of the welding workshop, the needs of intelligent logistics must be fully considered, including logistics area, logistics route planning, and AGV automatic on-line and off-line system;

By installing stamping parts racks with RFID, sub-packaging assemblies to store transfer shelves, logistics pallets, etc., and installing RFID readers at specific locations required to automatically identify, track, locate, and count the parts being transferred, and these basic Information-aware facilities are one of the keys to realize intelligent logistics;

Through the intelligent logistics system, the AGV is dispatched and managed, the parts in and out of the warehouse are effectively managed, and the empty pallets and racks are managed to meet the needs of flexible production of various car bodies;

The intelligent logistics system should be connected with the MES system to manage the storage and on-line management of stamping parts and welding sub-assemblies, and deliver them to consumption points in a timely and accurate manner, realizing the automation and intelligence of welding parts logistics.

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