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The Role and Trend of AGV Logistics

The main function of AGV intelligent logistics system is to improve the automation level of logistics operation of production system. AGV intelligent logistics system breaks the cumbersome and disorderly rules of manual operation in the original logistics system. It provides a fast and efficient way for the flexible operation and accurate control of flexible production system, so that the information between various systems of factory informatization can be shared interactively and seamlessly. It will make the material information of the whole plant system connect up and down, and realize the unity of enterprise production logistics and information flow.

When it comes to AGV intelligent logistics system, AGV trolley has to be mentioned. But is the use of AGV trolley AGV intelligent logistics system? In fact, it's not that simple.

Unlike the AGV trolley, which is just an automatic handling equipment, the AGV intelligent logistics system is like a logistics expert. It understands the operation of the whole system, which can command, feed back, learn to correct errors, and flexibly deal with the problems in the application scenario.

In AGV trolley, slam laser AGV trolley does not need any auxiliary positioning, which maximizes the adaptability and flexibility of AGV. Therefore, it gradually replaces the traditional magnetic stripe AGV trolley and becomes the mainstream of AGV market. It can be said that slam laser AGV trolley is the main executor of AGV intelligent logistics system.

The future development trend of AGV logistics system can be carried out from two aspects:

1. AGV logistics system based on cloud platform

The cloud platform can monitor the operation of AGV logistics system in real time, including the operation status, abnormalities, service life and other specific data of product system, complete machine and parts

After obtaining big data, the AGV cloud platform can capture and summarize and analyze the existing AGV data through the client app, and then the manufacturer can carry out targeted optimization, so as to realize remote monitoring, remote maintenance, improvement of product quality and service.

2. AGV logistics system based on Internet

The Internet + AGV logistics system will realize the intellectualization of the logistics industry to produce intelligent logistics. The Internet should be fully used to create AGV intelligent logistics, so that the logistics industry can achieve operation research and optimization, and give full play to the maximum value of the logistics Internet.

As a data terminal, the mobile AGV robot realizes the interconnection of equipment, so that the manager can see the time of cargo handling, stop and running track in real time to master the operation of logistics at any time.

CASUN has been focusing on AGV and related AI robots since 2007. CASUN serves the domestic and global markets, with 8 subsidiaries and offices in China and nearly 30 agents and subsidiaries overseas, including a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany. After years of development, CASUN has become a famous AGV manufacturer in China. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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