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Honorable mention: Casun's new energy industry intelligent transfer project was included in the industry's

On December 16, 2021, the "2021 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference and Industrial Application Mobile Robot Classic Engineering Case Award Ceremony" hosted by the China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance was held in Beijing! Casun was invited to attend, and the "Intelligent Transfer Project of New Energy Lithium Battery Industry" was rated as a classic engineering case of industrial application mobile robots, and was included in "China Industrial Application Mobile Robot Classic Case Collection and Technology Development Papers (2021 Edition)".

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Ⅰ. Casun won the industrial application mobile robot lighthouse case award

The "Lighthouse Factory" is regarded as the leader of the fourth industrial revolution and a model for digital manufacturing and globalization 4.0. Refinement to people and equipment, truly realize the full digital drive of the production process, and promote production and manufacturing "from local intelligence to comprehensive intelligence". Mobile robots play a very important role in the construction of lighthouse factories. They play a pivotal role. They are the core of information transmission and material handling, and are the key equipment to open up isolated island operations.

In order to better popularize and promote the important role of AGV/AMR in the construction of smart factories. The alliance specially launched this award to recommend the best and improve the industry awareness.

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Ⅱ. Casun smart lighthouse case project

Project Name: New Energy Lithium Battery Industry Intelligent Transshipment Project

Industry: New energy lithium battery industry

Landing date: September 30, 2021

Project highlights: The unmanned handling of semi-finished products cutting, testing, and warehousing is realized through AGV vehicles, and it is linked with the system to automatically detect the position and weight of materials.

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1. Basic description of the project

Polysilicon is mainly used in the new energy industry. Use the intelligent transfer of AGV to realize the intelligent logistics of the factory. The difficulty of the project lies in the complicated material route and many technological processes.

There are a total of 440 on-site stations, and a total of 30 laser navigation forklift-type AGVs have been invested. According to the division of the area, the AGVs work in their respective areas; the AGVs system is linked with the host computer system, and is set according to the priority according to the needs of different stations. Intelligent scheduling control, path optimization, efficient operation, orderly operation without manual intervention. It greatly improves the degree of intelligent manufacturing and transportation efficiency, ensures the timeliness of logistics data, and improves the production efficiency of production lines.

2. Project innovation

① Visual assistance to achieve high-precision identification and positioning

The customer's on-site transfer station requires extremely high docking accuracy. In order to ensure the accuracy of material placement, each AGV is equipped with a visual camera. Through visual aided positioning, the accurate placement of materials can be ensured to achieve accurate docking with other equipment;

② Customized design to meet strict working conditions and environmental requirements

The customer's site requires dust-proof, copper-iron-zinc prevention, and the internal air cannot leak out. The requirements for the AGV car body and the electronic control part are extremely high. When the AGV is designed and selected, stainless steel is used for key parts;

③ Optimize the process and automate weighing

Reduce personnel weighing operation links, and realize automatic weighing through AGV, which is efficient and accurate;

④ Intelligent management and control of the system to realize unmanned workshop

The AGV vehicle is managed and dispatched in a unified manner through the AGVS central management system, and the AGVS is connected with the customer system to realize unmanned operation of dispatching. According to the system shift plan, the AGV is intelligently allocated, and automatically connected with each machine to realize automatic storage and storage, and complete the workshop. unmanned;

3. Industry influence

① Take the lead in realizing unmanned handling of electrode raw materials in this industry and improve the flexible process;

② Linked with the system, personnel monitor the operation status of each link on site through the central control room;

③ The transportation accuracy rate has been increased to 99%, which can meet the peak demand of full production of the whole line.

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