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CASUN New Forklift is About to Debut at Shanghai SIAL Exhibition

From May 18th to 20th, 2021, the world-renowned international food and beverage exhibition - the 22nd SIAL China China International Food and Beverage Exhibition will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

With the continuous development of intelligent technology, the intelligentization of various terminal fields in the food and beverage industries is the general trend. As a New Third Board listed company with AGV mobile robots as its core products in China, CASUN will also bring relevant intelligent distribution products to the exhibition this time, helping the food and beverage manufacturing industry to accelerate the intelligent upgrade.

Ⅰ. CASUN AGV forklift

In this article, we will introduce one of the classic self-developed products in this exhibition: CASUN forklift series "Little Master" C5-B1 product. As the most compact C5-B1 product in the CASUN forklift series, it can easily shuttle in a small space. With its good operability, excellent safety, intelligent humanized design and other advantages, it is widely used in scenario operations such as processing and manufacturing, home appliance production, warehousing and logistics.

This AGV fork truck adopts laser navigation technology. By loading various advanced guidance technologies, composition algorithms, embedded vehicle body software, safety avoidance technology, etc. of CASUN, it can realize the functions of automatic guidance, fork picking and handling of goods, and then meet the intelligent logistics operations in a series of production processes, which is an important part of the current flexible production.

Agv Mobile Robots

In addition, this C5-B1 product is driven by a compact intelligent forklift chassis independently developed by CASUN. A set of two-wheel differential drive structure is formed by combining two sets of motor reducers, and then through the sprocket and chain Drive the driving wheel to rotate and drive the AGV to move, thus realizing the function of omnidirectional and in-situ rotation. It is mainly aimed at the technical defects in the existing market, such as the restricted movement direction, only forward and backward movement with a large turning radius, inability to perform left-right lateral movement or in-situ rotation and U-turn.

Ⅱ. Features and advantages of agv forklift C5-B1

CASUN R&D Center designed this compact intelligent forklift chassis drive scheme based on these difficulties, so that the C5-B1 product has the following three characteristics:

1. The movement direction is more diversified, and omnidirectional movement can be realized, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and improves the production efficiency;

2. The structure is compact, the volume is small, the turning radius is smaller, and it can rotate on the spot, which saves the operation space and improves the utilization rate of the workshop and storage space.

3. It realizes the possibility of autonomous production of intelligent forklifts, compresses the industrial chain, and improves the autonomy of the industry.

Agv Mobile Robots

Food and beverage warehousing and logistics have the characteristics of large volume of goods, wide variety of product specifications, and frequent shipments. For enterprises looking for intelligent upgrades, CASUN's "Little Master" series of forklifts will have the following advantages:

1. Small in size and compact in structure, it is suitable for logistics handling in warehouses with compact layout and narrow aisles, as well as in production workshops with narrow assembly line spacing and aisles for logistics handling, improving the utilization rate of warehouse capacity and expanding warehouse storage capacity;

2. The intelligent dispatching system issues operation instructions to each unmanned forklift according to the task, and coordinates the unmanned forklift to perform its own duties and go its own way, so that the handling, storage and selection of goods are smooth and efficient;

3. The intelligent control system independently developed by CASUN can manage more than 1,000 AGVs at the same time, which can meet the high-frequency handling requirements of large quantities of goods and the storage management requirements of multiple specifications and varieties.

Under the background of China's promotion of intelligent manufacturing, for consumer goods companies, the manufacturing mode, operation mode and management mode of the factory are gradually developing in the direction of automation, digitization and intelligence, and intelligent logistics will become one of the effective ways for enterprises to move towards unmanned and intelligent transformation. CASUN will bring a variety of intelligent agv forklift products to the Shanghai China Food Exhibition to show everyone the unique charm of the intelligent logistics industry.

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