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CASUN Lithium Battery Intelligent Logistics

On the basis of the traditional application of AGV/AMR in the lithium battery industry,  CASUN analyzes the new concept of smart logistics planning from the dimensions of AGV/AMR technology innovation and application scenario innovation, helping lithium battery manufacturers to open up the whole scene and realize the data closed loop.

Under the new cycle, the expansion of power battery production is surging, and the demand for AGV/AMR market is growing rapidly. Based on the transformation and upgrading of the smart logistics system for the entire process of power battery production, AGV/AMR companies are also ushering in a broader market space.

Ⅰ. Analysis of smart logistics of CASUN vehicle intelligent lithium battery

Zhang Jinliang, vice president of CASUN, pointed out that automation, intelligence and flexibility are the inevitable trend of large-scale production of lithium batteries in the future. In order to realize the "three modernizations" of lithium battery production, the construction of an intelligent and flexible intelligent production and logistics system has become an industry standard.

Under the new cycle, lithium battery companies have put forward higher requirements for the reduction of in-site logistics construction and operation costs, the reduction of workshop production personnel, the reduction of product defect rate, the improvement of production efficiency and the improvement of warehouse utilization rate.

However, at this stage, the lithium battery manufacturing process still faces pain points such as information islanding, insufficient precision docking, high labor costs, low labor efficiency, and complex docking systems. To meet the above requirements, the on-site logistics construction needs more flexible, intelligent and digital smart logistics solutions.

Zhang Jinliang said that according to the production process of power lithium batteries, the required equipment can be divided into front-end equipment (ingredients-production), middle-end equipment (winding-sealing), and back-end equipment (formation-testing). In each segment of equipment, battery companies have different intelligent logistics requirements.

Among them, the demand for intelligent logistics in the production process of the front-end equipment is concentrated in: raw material vertical storage, pole piece AGV handling, coating AGV handling, pole piece vertical storage; middle-level equipment can be matched with: pole roll AGV vehicle handling, diaphragm AGV The intelligent logistics system of the core pull belt; the intelligent logistics requirements of the back-end equipment include: formation test logistics, static storage, battery pull belt, robot assembly and dismantling, finished product warehouse, etc.

Ⅱ. CASUN vehicle intelligent lithium battery intelligent logistics system solution

Zhang Jinliang introduced that in the production process of power lithium batteries, CASUN logistics can be designed according to the process and requirements, provide customized intelligent logistics and intelligent dispatching system solutions, and establish and improve new energy power battery intelligent production logistics system solutions.

In terms of building core technical barriers, CASUN, the leading AGV manufacturer, implements "combination of rigidity and softness", and grasps hardware and software at the same time. Specifically:

1. The company has full-scenario standard AGV/AMR, covering 5 major navigations, 8 major series, and more than 50 models, while our custom AGV offerings enable us to deliver cutting-edge, bespoke solutions for the most demanding material handling challenges;

2. The intelligent control system has been iterated to the 11th generation, which is composed of intelligent control management system, intelligent warehouse management system and digital simulation management system;

3. AI intelligent algorithm, integrating multiple advantages such as visual navigation and positioning, multi-line laser navigation, cluster scheduling, intelligent sorting, and autonomous obstacle avoidance.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent control system independently developed by CASUN is compatible with various navigation types of AGV vehicles such as visual navigation, SLAM, laser, and QR code navigation. It has the advantages of predictive traffic control, compatibility with 5G and other multi-mode communications, AGV location control, meeting the needs of multi-scenario customization, and supporting multiple database docking methods. The number of online management can reach 1000+.

Founded in 2007, CASUN is one of the first domestic enterprises engaged in AGV research and development, sales and application. After more than ten years of development and precipitation, CASUN has now grown into a comprehensive smart logistics solution provider with AGV/AMR as the carrier, smart logistics control system as its superior product, and AI algorithm as its core competitiveness.

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