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CASUN Laser Forklift Series Products Obtained CR Certification

On April 28, 2021, the series of laser navigation forklift trucks developed by Shenzhen Casun Co., Ltd. passed the China Robot Product Testing and Certification (CR certification for short) which is certified by the China Software Evaluation Center. This indicates that CASUN has been recognized by the national authority in many aspects such as product safety and reliability.

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1. CR certification of AGV products

The process of applying for CR certification for this series of intelligent forklift trucks is also a process of self-examination and self-improvement of CASUN. CASUN strictly complies with the operation specifications and safety inspection requirements of the national standard. The operation process carries out a comprehensive safety assessment, from component selection to the whole machine assembly test, pays attention to every detail, eliminates every potential safety hazard, and strives to deliver high-quality, high-efficiency AGV products to all customers.

The successful passing of this certification is not only a recognition of CASUN's past quality control, but also a supervision of future production management. CASUN will, as always, adhere to a customer-centric, striver-oriented, and innovation-oriented enterprise values, serve the field of industrial manufacturing, and help and overweight China's Industry 4.0 process.

2. Intelligent control system of AGV vehicle

CASUN laser navigation forklift has strong environmental adaptability, no need to adjust the infrastructure, according to the operation requirements, the AGV vehicle intelligent control system independently developed by CASUN can independently plan the route and improve the operation efficiency. The obstacle avoidance radar system is equipped with safety edge protection, which can automatically detect and identify obstacles within a safe distance, automatically monitor and display, and automatically avoid. To reduce labor costs, optimize personnel structure, strengthen safe operations, and improve production efficiency, CASUN will provide customers with efficient and safe comprehensive solutions for smart logistics.

Agv Products

Before CR certification, CASUN has also passed the product safety mandatory compliance certification of EU countries, namely CE certification. For CASUN's products to be exported overseas, it has obtained a pass for the EU market.

Agv Products

Shenzhen Casun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CASUN"), founded in 2007, is a leading brand enterprise with AGV mobile robots as its core products in China. So far, CASUN has designed and provided 2100+ AGV system solutions for customers, and has produced a total of 16,000 AGV products of various types, which are used in various types of enterprises.

Over the years, CASUN aims to meet the needs of customers for professional AGV vehicles, and strives to develop special AGVs in various industries, providing customers with professional and meticulous design and planning solutions, more cost-effective products and better after-sales service, and solving the worries from the customer's point of view. The company takes the realization of intelligent manufacturing for customers as its own responsibility, bases itself on the present and looks into the future, and sincerely cooperates with customers to create a better future!

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