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Casun Intellingent Won the 2021 "Outstanding Contribution Supplier"

With mature technology, leading technology, stable product quality, efficient delivery and other hard strengths, CASUN Intelligent has won the " 2021 Outstanding Supplier" awarded by its core partner Sikeqi. It is recognized by customers and partners. Shunren's highest honor.

Ⅰ. CASUN focuses on the manufacture of AGV mobile robots

The industrial logistics mobile robot industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and has been widely used in automobiles, lithium batteries, auto parts, 3C electronics, semiconductors, medicine, footwear, food and beverage, e-commerce and other industries, especially the lithium battery and semiconductor industries are affected by the environment. Influenced by the impact, the demand has increased exponentially. The demand scenario runs through the entire process of the on-site logistics, from the warehousing of raw materials, the transfer of production line materials and semi-finished products, to the inspection of finished products, packaging, warehousing, and finally to sorting out of the warehouse, from end-to-end From the handling of terminals to the construction of flexible production lines, the scale effect appears.

Demand industries are expanding, application scenarios are improving, and product features are also being strengthened. Facing the booming industry development trend, CASUN Intelligent always insists on focusing on the field of industrial mobile robots:

1. Make the scene deep and thorough;

The advantageous industries should become bigger and stronger, and constantly accumulate industry knowledge, so as to be "the enterprise that understands robots best at the industry scene side", and also the "enterprise that understands the industry best at the robot supply side". Facing the core fields of lithium battery new energy, automobile and spare parts, flat panel display, etc., we introduce a team of senior industry experts to the customer site to understand customer demands, polish products, go deep into the pain points of customer process links, and provide smart logistics solutions for the whole industry chain and all scenarios. scheme ;

2. Improve the intelligent scheduling ability of the system;

While doing a good job in hardware, make supporting software systems that meet the needs of various industries. In 2010, CASUN Intelligent independently developed the AGV dispatching system AGVs and WMS system. The AGVs logistics management and control system can connect the equipment and processes required in customer scenarios, open up the entire logistics and data flow, and form materials from the "raw material warehouse". - The complete closed loop of line side warehouse - production line - finished product warehouse" realizes stable, continuous and efficient production in the factory;

3. Improve the accuracy and stability of the algorithm;

Technology is the foundation of the industry. Enterprises should concentrate on technological research and continue to develop and deliver each project with high quality and efficiency. CASUN Intelligent has strong technical advantages in the positioning and navigation algorithm of AGV mobile robots. It is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can achieve a positioning accuracy of ± 5mm. At the same time, it has extremely high stability. CASUN Intelligent adheres to technology research and development and strengthens its technological advantages.

Ⅱ. CASUN AGV mobile robots share achievements with the industry

Founded in 2012, Sikeqi has two major industrial bases, Ningde Sikeqi intelligent equipment and Ningde Weidu precision parts development and manufacturing. It focuses on the robot automation industry and has successfully integrated more than 2,000 sets of robot automation equipment, and the success rate has reached 100% ; professional team and rigorous work style have won the trust of the market.

After ten years of ingenuity, Sikeqi will gradually develop into a benchmark enterprise in the lithium battery industry. Relying on the "Qi Manufacturing" industrial R&D platform and using the Qihang digital factory information system as the framework, the core products cover everything from cell assembly to mold. The whole process from composition - PACK packaging - intelligent logistics - to recycling and dismantling.

Sikeqi has reached strategic cooperation with top smart equipment manufacturers such as KUKA, TRUMPF, Siemens, Balluff, SMC, Omron, Sick, etc., adheres to technological innovation, and maximizes customer benefits with quality and service, and has become a professional company in China. A complete solution provider of intelligent manufacturing with level and influence.

CASUN Intelligent always adheres to the business philosophy of openness and cooperation, and hopes to cooperate with more excellent enterprises like Sikeqi. We advocate the entire supply chain ecosystem to join hands to create a smart logistics industry ecology of "symbiosis, sharing, and mutual achievement", accompany the outstanding, and walk with the world leaders to jointly add luster to intelligent manufacturing.

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