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C6-21 Hybrid AGV

C6-21 is a QR code composite type hybrid AGV robot navigation, by the AGV chassis, power transmission drum, ABB robot, is suitable for factory automation, storage and sorting, automated supermarket goods, and many other scenarios, for a scenario in material handling, loading and provide automation, flexible support sorting, greatly improve transport efficiency.

C6-21 Hybrid AGV

Parameters of C6-21 Bidirectional Hybrid Robot AGV

GuidanceQR Code navigationGuidance accuracy±10mm
DimensionsL2316*W1120*H1027mmStopping accuracy±10mm
Traveling directionForward, backward, spin turn and sidewaysCharging methodAuto charger(Side type)
Load capacity800KGBatteryLithium battery
Picking weight10KGSafety detecting range≤3m(adjustable)
Travel speed0~60m/minProtectionsFront obstacle detection sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper

Core Advantages of C6-21 Bidirectional Hybrid Robot AGV

Core Advantages of C6-21 Bidirectional Hybrid Robot AGV

Smart and flexible

The composite robot integrates automatic handling and sorting functions, effectively replacing manual, and realizing highly intelligent factory.

Intelligent control, universal scheduling

The intelligent management system independently developed by Casun can realize the task management, delivery and traffic control of all AGVs connected within the network; You can increase or decrease the number of AGVs at any time and support multiple types of AGVs in the same scenario.


When the power is low, go to the charging station for automatic charging; and it can achieve all-weather response, improve production efficiency.

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