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The Era of Great Intelligence is Arriving, Are You Ready?

We are already in the early stage of the era of intelligence, and the future technology will definitely surprise you! The era of intelligent logistics is gradually coming, and the editor who is unwilling to be lonely said the last sentence: the era of great intelligence has arrived, are you ready?

In the field of intelligent logistics, AGV products have become an important part of the development of the automation industry chain. AGV products lead logistics handling equipment into the intelligent era of industrial automation, and automated industrial technology represents the advanced nature of industrial development. More automation products applied in special fields are being extended. It is foreseeable that the future intelligent era has come, and China's AGV industry is also rapidly expanding.

Shenzhen Casun Intellingent Robot Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and successfully landed on the New Third Board in 2015 (stock code: 834863). It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in AGV and logistics automation solutions. At present, it has grown into the industry leader with the most innovation and R&D capabilities in China.

CASUN already has an international-level technology development platform and a first-class R&D team with nearly 150 senior technicians, and has obtained and is applying for nearly 100 intellectual property rights such as product patents; Enterprise", "Guangdong Famous Product Enterprise", "Key Support Enterprise of Shenzhen Municipal Government", "CE Certification" in the European Union and many other qualifications.

Ⅰ. Warehousing AGV (QR code inertial navigation)


1. Product introduction:

Warehousing AGV is the latest AGV developed by CASUN for intelligent logistics. It uses inertial navigation control, QR code label to assist deviation correction, no need for geomagnetic strips, convenient project implementation and small operating space. It uses two-wheel differential drive, which can realize forward and backward without turning around, and has the function of in-situ rotation. Fast speed, 24-hour uninterrupted work and real-time data transmission monitoring to meet fast-paced production requirements, which can be widely used in the logistics industry.

2. Product highlights:

(1) High precision and fast speed, free route planning;

(2) There is no need to lay magnetic strips on the ground;

(3) 360° rotation in place, no need to turn around, saving space;

(4) Connect with the warehouse management system to update the material status and the location of the landmark in real time;

(5) Navigation accuracy: ±5mm;

(6) Bearing capacity: 500kg (customizable);

(7) Lifting height: 50mm;

(8) Working hours: 24 hours;

(9) Safety device: front obstacle detection sensor, voice playback + warning light prompt double alarm.

Ⅱ. Laser navigation forklift AGV vehicle (lifting type)


1. Product introduction:

Lifting laser forklift AGV is a series of AGV products developed by CASUN according to the actual requirements of different industries. It is mainly composed of AGV body and lifting device. The equipment is responsible for the lifting and handling of empty pallets, loaded pallets, paper rolls, etc. At present, it is used in warehouses, workshops, warehouse logistics centers, three-dimensional warehouses and other places to realize the rapid deployment of logistics and transportation automation applications, thereby saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.

2. Product highlights:

(1) The whole process of unmanned driving, automatic handling, and lifting height can be customized according to user needs. No other positioning facilities are required on the ground. There are no magnetic strips and landmarks. The driving path can be flexible and changeable. modify the driving route;

(2) Navigation accuracy: ±10mm;

(3) Bearing capacity: 1000-1500kg (or customized);

(4) Lifting height: 2.9m (or customized);

(5) Working hours: 24 hours;

(6) Safety device: front obstacle detection sensor + mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection, voice playback + warning light prompt double alarm.

Ⅲ. Omnidirectional latent AGV vehicle


1. Product introduction:

Steering wheel omnidirectional lurking AGV, omnidirectional operation, can move laterally, 90-degree steering operation, 180-degree turn-around operation, and 360-degree rotation operation. The first horizontal tractor, which is suitable for more complex sites and can be operated in narrower working conditions. Widely used in automobiles, home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, food and many other industries.

2. Product highlights:

(1) 360° omnidirectional walking and lateral movement, automatic charging, and can be connected to the automation system throughout the process to realize intelligent and unmanned factories;

(2) Navigation accuracy: ±10mm;

(3) Bearing capacity: 500-1000kg (or customized);

(4) Working hours: 24 hours;

(5) Safety device: front obstacle detection sensor + mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection, voice playback + warning light prompt double alarm.

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