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Autonomous Mobile Robots: An AI Innovation Revolution Underway

In the autonomous mobile robot industry, more and more manufacturers are using artificial intelligence technology. The autonomy of the robot is improved to ensure the safety of material handling process and finally create higher production efficiency. The next step in the development of mobile robots will be to combine artificial intelligence technology to expand the range of tasks that the robot can perform, improve its adaptability to the working environment, and finally make the robot obtain higher efficiency.

AI innovation direction of autonomous mobile robots

Based on the new generation of sensor sensing and software control technology, mobile robots can better understand the surrounding environment and respond to the current environment. The premise of realizing this function is to collect sufficient data, such as installing laser scanner, 3D camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, encoder, etc. After collecting environmental data, analyze it and make the most effective decision for each situation.

At present, AMR vehicle uses slam real-time positioning and map construction technology, which is a method of dynamic navigation. Based on real-time environmental data information, SLAM mode can avoid obstacles and people, plan the best route, and can be automatically charged when needed. Artificial intelligence technology is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of robots. When people and obstacles protrude and rush out, robots can recognize and judge to slow down and bypass obstacles.

1. The key technology of autonomous mobile robots is making a breakthrough

By scanning the surrounding environment, the mobile robot generates an instant map and foresees all obstacles on its route, so it can plan the route in advance and optimize navigation. Autonomous robot involves several key technologies, including machine learning algorithm, machine vision and other sensor technologies.

In recent years, the related technologies have made continuous progress, which has provided great help for the autonomous ability of mobile robots. For example, smaller sensor products can help robots capture sufficient real-time environmental data. In addition, cloud computing and the Internet of things allow robots to connect anytime, anywhere and gain the ability to store, process and access data.

In terms of chips, more and more semiconductor companies have launched powerful computing products with low cost and low power consumption. The chip with AI as the core is helping the robot to carry out on-site computing, which further improves the speed of autonomous mobile robot processing data, so that it can make decisions efficiently.

Today, robot manufacturers can put advanced software into edge devices or in the cloud. Through the combination of online learning and edge computing, the robot can achieve lower delay and obtain the ability of rapid response, so as to create a low-power and highly autonomous robot system. By using artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies, a new generation of competitive mobile robot products can be generated.

2. Autonomous mobile robots using AI technology

By using AI technology, autonomous mobile robot can carry out efficient environmental interaction and respond to different types of obstacles. There is no need to stop or plan the routine again, and it can automatically reconstruct the optimal path to obtain efficient navigation. When the autonomous mobile robot encounters an obstacle, it can wait in a safe position and resume its walking task when it is safe.

In general, mobile robots will greatly improve the performance of products by using artificial intelligence technology, so as to obtain higher production efficiency and promote friendly interaction with people.

With the development of AI technology, the interaction ability of robots will be further improved. Seamless information interaction can be carried out between robot and robot, robot and human, robot and environment. For example, when the staff can send a stop gesture to the robot, the autonomous mobile robot will stop after recognition.

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