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Precautions for AGV Application in Stamping Workshop

1. AGV application beat and route planning

Due to the unbalanced production in the stamping workshop, such as the transfer of material boxes, the peak cycle time can reach 40s for one material box offline, and the low value is 300s for one material box, so the program and planning route need to be set, and the system needs to judge the rhythm of the parts. Adjust the AGV route, use different routes and different speeds for different beats, so as to optimize the number of AGV vehicles.

2. AGV application shock absorption

The AGV wheel is relatively rigid, and it will generate a lot of vibration during the actual operation of the AGV vehicle. Every time the positioning pin is attached to the pallet truck, it will also vibrate. It is necessary to use a buffer mechanism to reduce the impact of the positioning pin. At the same time, the positioning of multiple positioning pins can improve the matching between the positioning pins and the pallet truck, reduce the swing during the matching process, and share the force. Therefore, when choosing an AGV vehicle, it is necessary to consider the use of spring damping to reduce the vibration amplitude, thereby reducing the failure rate and improving the positioning accuracy.

3. Counterweight for AGV applications

The ground of the stamping workshop is generally steel fiber wear-resistant ground. When the AGV car pulls about 1 ton of stamping parts on the ground, it will slip and leave the magnetic strip track. It is necessary to reserve counterweight space in the front and rear of the AGV vehicle for counterweight adjustment. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a high-power steering wheel to avoid the subsequent lack of power due to the adjustment of the counterweight.

4. AGV application partial load

Since the pallet carried by the AGV is a general-purpose pallet, it is generally designed according to the maximum size. In order to ensure the minimum distance between the material box and the personnel, the material box will be placed on one side of the general-purpose pallet instead of the center, so there will be eccentric loads during operation. Case. It is necessary to rationally arrange the casters, AGV counterweight, and program compensation to offset the incorrect driving angle caused by the eccentric load.

5. AGV application turning radius

The space at the end of the stamping line is limited. In order to ensure that it does not take up too much space, the turning radius of the two-way traction AGV is generally required to be less than 1.5m. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the casters of the pallet to a certain extent to the center to reduce the turning radius.

6. AGV application steering wheel and magnetic navigation sensor layout

As the power wheel of the entire AGV vehicle, the position of the steering wheel is very critical. If the steering wheel passes through the magnetic stripe route area, it will cause damage to the magnetic stripe. Therefore, the bias of the magnetic navigation sensor should be considered to prevent the steering wheel from pressing over the magnetic stripe route.

7. AGV application speed selection

The speed of the AGV car is not as fast as possible. Driving too fast will increase the braking distance. At the same time, the inertia may lead to the dumping of the goods, which poses a greater safety hazard. Excessive speed will also lead to derailment during turning, repeated acceleration and deceleration, and energy consumption will also increase. According to the test, the straight-line speed of the stamping AGV is generally not greater than 1m/s, and the turning speed is not greater than 0.4m/s. This speed can ensure the stable operation of the AGV.

8. AGV application operation and maintenance

In the early project planning, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the supervision, maintenance and spare parts costs of the AGV vehicle life cycle and the service capabilities of the service enterprise; maintenance training, troubleshooting, etc. need to be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the production line.

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