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The Application of Intelligent Manufacturing in Automobile Painting Workshop Helps the Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade of the Automobile Industry

Automotive coatings and their processes directly determine consumers' aesthetics and experience of using cars. In order to meet the increasingly diversified and personalized requirements of consumers, various automobile manufacturers have increased the research and upgrading of automobile coating technology.

The task of the paint shop is to coat the body-in-white completed by the welding shop with layers of paint. In addition to strengthening the rust prevention of the body, the main purpose is to make the body look more beautiful. The coating process generally needs to go through the steps of cleaning, electrophoresis, paint, varnish and so on. In this process, the requirements for automation and intelligence are higher.


As one of the five main processes of automobile OEMs, body coating realizes the three basic functions of body anti-corrosion, sealing and decoration. Due to the high requirements for cleanliness in the workshop, the variety of equipment and the high degree of automation, it leads to a large investment in the process. When it is put into production, the investment of new models in the later stage is often the lowest among the other major processes, but the production of body painting is a large energy consumption, a large consumption of consumables, a large amount of hazardous solid waste and VOC emissions. On the basis of advanced process technology, intelligent planning of body painting is an effective way to solve these pain points.

Ⅰ. The development direction of intelligent AGV vehicles for automotive coating

The distinctive features of the painting workshop are that the process layout generally adopts a multi-layer three-dimensional, regionalized and clean layout, the body gluing and painting are carried out by robots, there are many elevators in the workshop, the total power of the driving motor is large, the body conveying is fully automated, the total conveying distance of the workshop is long, and in order to ensure the production of various types of body painting, a large amount of energy needs to be consumed. In order to reduce energy waste, the workshop is designed according to the air-tightness, heat insulation, shock absorption, noise reduction, and full air-conditioning. From the analysis of these characteristics, through the deployment of various sensors and big data analysis, the body painting is upgraded from the automatic stage to the intelligent stage, and the realization of intelligent painting can effectively reduce the energy consumption of a single vehicle, which can be explored from the following aspects.

The key directions of intelligent body painting:

1. Build an intelligent conveying system;

2. Intelligent control body marshalling station;

3. Intelligent air conditioning management system;

4. Intelligent temperature control system.

Ⅱ. Intelligent AGV vehicle transportation upgrade for body painting

The coating process generally needs to go through steps such as cleaning, electrophoresis, paint, varnish, etc. The coating workshop has a long conveying distance. The total conveying distance of the 60JPH workshop is as long as 6-7 kilometers. Material warehousing, material preparation, distribution, and in-line transfer of coating production lines can all use intelligent conveying equipment. Of course, AGVs play an important role. For example, the painted body-in-white is automatically transferred by AGVs.

CASUN has been focusing on the AGV field for 14 years. As a professional intelligent logistics comprehensive solution service enterprise, it has a lot of practice in the automobile intelligent painting workshop. The intelligent logistics upgrade of the painting workshop focuses on the upgrade planning of the intelligent system.

Intelligent manufacturing system planning for painting:

The intelligent production management system should be connected with the factory's intelligent manufacturing management system, and effectively interconnected with the painting intelligent manufacturing unit and intelligent equipment group to issue and receive various painting instructions, production plans, queue sequences, and product specifications online, process parameters, etc.;

At the same time, the intelligent logistics system is used to schedule and manage AGV vehicles, and to accurately and effectively connect the spraying process of painting robots, which can meet the needs of flexible production of various types of car bodies and improve production efficiency;

The working method of AGV in the automobile manufacturing process is not only to transport materials, but also to have the ability of material tracking, warehouse management, and interface with various production systems, which provides an effective guarantee for enterprises to achieve comprehensive intelligent manufacturing.

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