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Accelerating New Infrastructure: CASUN Intelligent Empowers Digital Transformation of the Industry

As a comprehensive solution provider for intelligent logistics, CASUN Intelligent focuses on the development of intelligent mobile robots to help enterprises build an intelligent logistics system. It has deep cooperation with the telecommunications service providers and manufacturing enterprises in Shandong province to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the regional industries.

1. Intelligent logistics with mobile industrial robots helps to upgrade the manufacturing industry

There is a low percentage of equipment networking, inadequate analysis capabilities, and low degree of intelligent control in traditional manufacturing industries, resulting in overall low levels of digitalization. Currently, the manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes, accelerating its digital and intelligent upgrading.

As an important part of manufacturing logistics, mobile robots have become an important part of the digital transformation of the industry. Whether it's the handling of diverse and heavy goods in the production process or the sorting and warehousing in the warehouse process, mobile robots can easily handle it, efficiently linking each production process and business link, with rapid response, efficient operations, and high accuracy to effectively reduce labor input and significantly improve the level of digitalization and intelligence of the enterprise. Mobile robots have become an important support for the digitalization and intelligence of the manufacturing industry.

2. Advantages of the intelligent logistics solution of mobile industrial robots

1. Perfect ecosystem

CASUN Intelligent Robots have a good ecosystem with high flexibility and optimized production and workflow processes, releasing staff resources and improving production efficiency while lowering costs. With 5th generation navigation technology, 8 major product series, and over 50 vehicle models, it can meet the logistics needs of various industries. Customizable top modules, such as rollers, shelves, conveyor belts, and mechanical arms, can be installed on the robots to meet the requirements of various manufacturing production scenarios, enabling fast redeployment and efficient response to special tasks.

2. Easy operation

The company has developed a user-friendly terminal interface. It can be used on PCs, tablets or smartphones, and can customize the operating interface. The map editing function is powerful, the settings are simple, and it can be operated directly through simple training.

3. Open compatibility

CASUN Intelligent Robots developed standard product interfaces early on, and its product openness is strong, which can be connected to MES, WMS, and other systems. CASUN Intelligent AGVs scheduling system can efficiently connect with user MES, ERP, SAP, WMS, and other management systems.

4. Rich industry cases

CASUN Intelligent focuses on the mobile industrial robot industry, with comprehensive application scenarios, and a wide range of industry coverage, with extensive implementation experience.

3. Digital application practice of mobile industrial robots in the industry

1. New energy lithium-ion battery

In the new energy lithium-ion battery industry, CASUN Intelligent projects cover China's leading new energy lithium-ion companies, helping customers such as Ningde Era, BYD, CATL, Zhongwei, and BeeCell Energy realize intelligent logistics for the pre-, mid-, and post-production stages and the entire process of the Pack line. In particular, over 1,000 handling robots were applied in the Pack line for a single customer, assisting digitalization and unmanned operations, and building multiple lighthouse factory projects.

2. Automobile and parts

The automotive industry is the area where CASUN Intelligent cooperated and implemented its projects first. It has launched in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign mainstream automobile manufacturers in the production of complete vehicles and automotive parts. CASUN Intelligent has worked with Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Dongfeng, Honda, BYD, Great Wall, Geely, Yanfeng, and others in smart logistics projects. It has helped companies achieve comprehensive coverage of the entire production process and workflow, automatic material inspection, flexible zoning storage, complete JIT distribution, empty container/vehicle recovery, and other digital and intelligent management in production logistics.

3. Flat panel displays

CASUN Intelligent's mobile industrial robots (AGV/AMR) are widely used in production workshops of enterprises such as Huaxing Optoelectronics, BOE,, and TCL, with more than 300 process procedures and high-precision docking with loading and unloading platforms, realizing rapid transfers for multiple process procedures in cleanrooms with strict environmental requirements.

The deep integration of industrialization and information technology is pushing manufacturing companies to add "numbers". Currently, CASUN Intelligent's digital intelligent logistics solution for robots has been widely applied in many sub-industries such as automobiles and parts, new energy lithium-ion, photovoltaic, 3C electronics, semiconductors, and other industries to meet various industry requirements. CASUN Intelligent Robots will continue to adhere to the focus of intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry and using advanced technology to help customers develop and upgrade their businesses.

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