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Casun Helps the Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade of Automobile Stamping Workshop

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and the automotive industry is also the earliest and largest application scenario of AGV.

Vehicle manufacturing is divided into four major processes: stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly. In different process links, AGV robotics play different roles to help realize the automation and intelligence of logistics handling. So how is AGV used in the automobile production workshop? Today, we mainly talk about the application of AGV in the automobile stamping process.


I. How to apply AGV robotics in automobile stamping workshops

The car body is composed of multiple steel plates with different shapes. The task of the stamping workshop is to unroll the rolled steel plates, send them to the punching machine, and punch them into the parts required for the car body.

With the improvement of stamping process and the change of materials, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for intelligent manufacturing in stamping workshops, and the intelligence of factories has also received more and more attention, which is also one of the focus points for automobile brands to gain competitive advantages. In the intelligent manufacturing transformation of stamping workshops, there are also long production line introduction transformation cycles, high costs, complex operation and maintenance, large impact of line stoppages, flexibility of the overall logistics layout and low expansion.

1. Single production line and poor adaptability

The rhythm of each process is required to be uniform, otherwise the process of the entire production line will be affected due to the delay of any process, such as lack of materials, missing parts, scraps or unexpected problems.

2. It occupies a large area and the site cost is high

The workshop is required to be large, long and tall (the line length of the assembly workshop is generally more than 300 meters), the civil construction cost is high, and the equipment pit (about 2 meters deep) needs to be designed in advance.

3. The passage is narrow and the traffic is congested

The continuous production lines cut off the passage, resulting in long supply lines and inconvenience for people and vehicles.

4. Long transportation distance and difficult maintenance

The layout and introduction of the equipment are irreversible, and it is difficult to retrofit later; the conveying equipment is long, and it is inconvenient for linkage maintenance after crossing regions. The aerial line needs to design and manufacture a large-area aerial steel platform and a maintenance platform, which is difficult to maintain.

The AGV application in the stamping workshop is not only to transport materials. The layout of AGV in the production line is a complete intelligent logistics solution for the production line. The AGV system can interact with the stamping MES system, etc. The whole set of solutions has material tracking and warehouse management. The ability to interface with various production systems provides an effective guarantee for enterprises to achieve informatization, digitization, and intelligent comprehensive intelligent manufacturing.

II. AGV application benefits

The application of intelligent AGV is a brand-new technological change for the stamping workshop, and it also lays the foundation for the enterprise to realize the intelligent warehousing system in the next step.

1. Improve security

In the production process of stamping parts, the transfer flow of the material box is not static. For example, when producing side wall parts, the logistics transfer volume of the stamping machine line tail is very large. The length of the side wall box is greater than 3500mm, but the transfer space is very limited. Forklift transfer, collisions and other situations often occur. After the AGV is adopted, this situation is avoided, the maintenance cost of the appliance is reduced, and the possible safety risks are also reduced.

2. Cost reduction and efficiency increase

According to the estimation of the implementation effect of the smart logistics project in the stamping workshop in the automotive field, the use of AGV can save about 20% of energy consumption. In addition, the adoption of AGV robotics also saves logistics operating costs.

3. Digital empowerment

The intelligent AGV system can interact with the stamping MES system, etc., laying the foundation for the realization of intelligent unmanned stamping warehousing and logistics in the next step, and improving the digital and intelligent capabilities of the stamping workshop.

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