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Analysis on the Development Status and Future Trend of AGV Technology

AGV is a new and high technology in the field of modern automation. In recent years, AGV technology has been continuously developed and improved, which has been widely used in various fields. Intelligent, flexible and safe AGV unmanned handling has greatly improved the automation level of logistics operation. Today, we mainly introduce the basic principle, development status and future development prospect of AGV vehicle.

1. Basic principle of AGV vehicle handling equipment

AGV guidance refers to calculating the actual control command value of AGV according to the target value provided by the path of AGV and the position information obtained by AGV guidance sensor, that is, providing the set speed and steering angle of AGV. This is the key of AGV control technology. In short, AGV guidance control is AGV trajectory tracking.

2. Features of AGV trolley

AGV trolley can accurately walk and stop at the designated place according to the path planning and operation requirements to automatically complete a series of transportation operations. AGV trolley has the advantages of high automation level, high work efficiency, strong controllability and good safety. In the automated logistics system, AGV can fully reflect its automation and flexibility, which can realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned transportation.

3. Development status of AGV technology

(1) The guidance technology with preset reference medium is becoming more and more mature and stable.

The guidance technology with preset reference medium refers to the guidance technology that needs to preset the reference medium on the travel path of AGV or associate the reference medium with the travel path of AGV. It includes magnetic stripe guidance, magnetic point guidance, two-dimensional code guidance, RFID guidance, laser reflector guidance technology, etc.

In recent years, the guidance technology with preset reference medium represented by magnetic guidance, two-dimensional code guidance and reflector guidance has been widely used in AGV products. The technical development level is becoming more and more mature and stable and its cost is gradually decreasing, which has been mature in various industries.

(2) SLAM guidance technology without preset reference medium is a research hotspot at present

SLAM guidance technology without preset reference medium, which is technically difficult and is an advanced navigation method. Compared with the guidance technology with preset reference medium, SLAM guidance technology has the advantages of no need for other positioning facilities, no need to set reference markers on the site, no need to worry that the reference markers on the AGV path are blocked by the complex environment on the site, which is flexible and can adapt to a variety of on-site environments with changeable exercise paths. In the near future, SLAM guidance technology is likely to replace the traditional guidance technology with preset reference medium and become the mainstream navigation mode of AGV in the future.

(3) AGV trolley features multi-purpose development

With the wide application of AGV trolley, the market has higher requirements for the adaptability, functional requirements, positioning accuracy and bearing capacity of AGV products, and the functions of AGV trolley show multi-purpose development.

Taking the bearing capacity as an example, AGV enterprises generally have a product bearing capacity of less than 3 tons. At present, there is also a certain demand for AGVs with a handling capacity of more than 10 tons or even dozens of tons.

4. Prospect of AGV trolley development

From the development trend of AGV, the AGV industry is very worthy of investment with great development potential.

On the one hand, with the increasing enrichment of AGV products, AGV will be more frequently combined with the Internet and big data technology, so that the perception ability and independent decision-making ability of the logistics system can be improved, and the degree of intelligence can be significantly improved.

On the other hand, with the development of AGV industry, the increasing demand for AGV, the maturity of technology and the reduction of cost, the application scope of AGV will be further expanded.

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