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C1-33 Omni-directional Latent Towing AGV

C1-33 AGV towing vehicle is based on magnetic navigation, a unidirectional Latent Towing AGV guided vehicle, mainly applied to manufacturing workshops with fixed production procedures.

After receiving system instructions, AGV towing vehicles will automatically move to the bottom side of material vehicles and rise the towing rod to hook material vehicles, so as to achieve end-to-end material transfer. The driving mode is the dual steering wheel, it can move omnidirectionally/rotate flexibly/spin around/move sideways, maximum payload up to 2500KG.

C1-33 Omni-directional Latent Towing AGV

Parameters of C1-33 Omnidirectional Latent Traction AGV

NavigationMagnetic tapeDriving modeSteering wheel
Vehicle dimensionsL2260*W800*H340(mm)Charging modeSide/ground charging
Moving directionMove forward/backward, move into a branch, rotate, move sidewaysBatteryLithium battery
Load capacity2000 / 2500KGCommunicationRF/WiFi/5G
Rated speed0~35m/minSafety warningLight + Audio
Turning radius1500mmSafety sensing range≤3m(adjustable)
Guidance accuracy±10mmSafety protectionFront obstacle detecting sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper
Stopping accuracy±10mm

Core Advantages of C1-33 Omnidirectional Latent Traction AGV

Core Advantages of C1-33 Omnidirectional Latent Traction AGV

Flexible working

Moving directions can be rotating/sideway moving/forward/backward moving, more flexible and higher efficient.

Stable operation

The system has mature rail navigation so as to acurate positioning and reliable working.

Multiple security protection

In order to ensure safe working environment, the systems are equipped laser obstacle sensor / mechanical anti-collision bumper / acousto-optic alarm.

AI dispatching

CASUN's Central Management Systems integrate high-frequency wireless communication technology / high-speed database analysis and processing technology / AGV digital control technology, with on-site requirements so as to achieve intelligent scheduling for multiple AGVs.

Automatic battery charging

AGVs can move to charge automatically when they are in low power status, in order to incease productivity, its response time can be 24 hours per day.

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