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Casun Helps the Smart Manufacturing Upgrade Application of Automotive Welding Workshop

The design of a modern automobile factory is a complex system engineering. As a typical welding factory in the four major vehicle processes, it not only involves specialties such as technology, equipment, engineering and logistics, but also meets the needs of flexibility, high rhythm, energy saving and environmental protection under the trend of product diversification and individualization.

This article combines the project practice of Casun in the comprehensive solution of intelligent logistics in the automotive industry for many years, and analyzes the planning direction of intelligent welding factory and the introduction of AGV application.

agv-trolley.jpgCasun has been focusing on the AGV field for 14 years. As a professional intelligent logistics comprehensive solution service enterprise, it has a large number of application practices in the automobile intelligent welding workshop. The intelligent logistics upgrade of the welding workshop focuses on the upgrade planning of the following systems.

Ⅰ. AGV application in welding process

AGV replaces manual handling and realizes automated logistics. AGV has been widely used in logistics transportation in welding workshops, replacing traditional manual transportation of materials and transmission vehicles and equipment such as battery trucks, forklifts, belt conveyors, and Buffer.

① Save manpower and reduce errors

The application of AGV has changed the mode of logistics and transportation, not only saving labor, but also reducing material supply problems caused by human errors.

② Reduce potential safety hazards

AGV replaces battery trucks, forklifts and other operating vehicles, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards caused by human-computer interaction.

③ Save space and improve space utilization

The flexibility of AGV solves the problems of large space occupation and difficult transformation of traditional transmission tools. Traction-type AGVs are mostly used in logistics and transportation, which are small in size and low in price. The AGV feeder can be made into a one-piece structure or a split structure (feeder tray + utensils).

Ⅱ. Scenarios of AGV application 

① Accurate docking of AGV and robot docking

After the AGV trolley is in place, if the parts are manually loaded, the accuracy of the AGV itself can be satisfied. If the robot automatically grabs the workpiece from the material car, the robot has high requirements on the positional accuracy of the workpiece. By improving the structure of the mouth, adding visual recognition, etc., Casun can achieve accurate positioning of ±5mm, which ensures the precise docking with the robot.

② The application of AGV in the adjustment line

AGV replaces the application of fixed roller bed in the adjustment line, and designs multi-model universal pallets or direct switching pallets to meet the requirements of high flexibility of the production line. Because the position of the AGV trolley is not fixed, it can be arbitrarily replaced for production, breaking the line body pair. Fixed demand patterns for space.

③ AGV switches fixtures to realize production self-adaptation

The application of AGV brings the possibility to realize the mixed flow function of more models in the production line. In order to meet the mixed flow requirements of more models and increase the flexibility and economy of the production line, the traditional production line is first divided into modules by function, and workstations with different functions are established. The workstation is closed or other models are produced at the same time, which not only saves production time, improves the utilization rate of equipment, but also reduces the cost of single-vehicle production.

Using the AGV trolley can also switch tooling such as fixtures and grippers. Before production, the tooling and fixtures are transported to the line body with AGV, which can realize any multi-model mixed flow in the workstation, and the tooling of these different models can be established offline. Storage, greatly reducing the production area requirements.

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