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Smart Logistics Solutions in CASUN Brewing Industry

Ⅰ. Application background of AGV vehicle in wine koji transfer project

A wine koji transfer project needs to realize the transfer between the empty hopper of a hawthorn wine steaming area and the hopper cleaning area. The fermented grains are added to the chaff for high-temperature wine steaming, and the distilled wine is fed into the wine urn through the pipeline;

1. Overview of the project difficulties: the forklift AGV needs to remove the empty hopper from the machine equipment, the height is 4000mm, the load is up to 3.5 tons, and the AGV vehicle has high precision requirements;

2. Project requirements: By introducing AGV and intelligent management system, the labor intensity of porters is reduced, their work comfort is improved, and the direct labor cost of the enterprise is reduced.

Project status

1. It is easy to cause safety hazards

The handling frequency is high, the rhythm is fast, and the personnel cannot concentrate for a long time, which is prone to safety hazards;

2. Manual handling has low efficiency and high error rate

Manual forklift handling the koji hopper is time-consuming and difficult, with a large number of docking machines, and a high error rate during the transfer process, which in turn leads to low production efficiency;

3. Labor-intensive, high cost

In order to meet the fast-paced production efficiency, the demand for porters is large and the working hours are long, which in turn leads to high salary costs and management costs.

Ⅱ. AGV vehicle solution for wine koji transfer project

1. 8 AGV vehicles, 4 charging piles and 1 set of control system are used in a single workshop of this project;

2. By connecting with Party A's brewing enterprise system, the transfer of koji hoppers between different workshops can be realized;

3. The CASUN AGV intelligent management system is connected with the on-site Party A system to realize the automatic dispatch management of AGV vehicles.

Ⅲ. Advantages of AGV vehicle solution for wine koji transfer project

1. High-precision docking; L16 forklift AGV achieves high-precision docking with the machine equipment when fork and reclaims the hopper, and the docking accuracy is 5-8mm;

2. Intelligent management: The AGV intelligent control system is connected with the system of Party A, automatically generates tasks, and can intelligently plan the optimal path, reduce invalid walking, and improve operation efficiency.

Ⅴ. Customer benefits of AGV vehicle intelligence

1. Reduce labor costs; greatly reduce the work intensity of forklift drivers, and improve staff work safety;

2. Reduce equipment input costs; improve flexible processes, save labor costs, and reduce labor load;

3. AGV intelligent management; realize the optimization of path and task allocation.

Brewing is an ancient industry, and in China, brewing is a traditional handicraft industry with a long history and strong cultural heritage. This is the reason why the overall automation of the equipment in the brewing industry is relatively low.

First of all, it is mainly limited by the traditional brewing process in my country, which is complicated in brewing process and exquisite in ingredients; in addition, handcrafted brewing has always been an important standard for consumers to perceive high-quality brewing; The wine produced by this method has a long cycle, and its output is far from meeting the modern market demand, and the quality of its wine depends heavily on experienced labor, and the cost is relatively high.

Therefore, the application of automated and intelligent production technology to improve the production efficiency and product quality of winemaking has become the focus of research and practice in the winemaking industry.

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