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When Choosing an AGV, You Must Choose a More Professional, More Efficient and More Flexible One!

In the modern society where artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular, all walks of life have begun to enter the stage of intelligent development. Among them, Shenzhen Cashun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as:  CASUN) has successfully become a leading enterprise in China's AGV industry with its advantages of more professionalism, higher efficiency and greater flexibility.

1. China's AGV advanced management system

The first is the system. The system is equivalent to the heart of the AGV car. The CASUN AGV system is flexible and expandable. Unlike traditional self-guided transport systems, many sensors or complex control systems are not required.

CASUN AGV intelligent management system fully combines the actual field application of industrial production, logistics and distribution automation. The latest digital control technology, combined with the actual needs of the customer site, can be easily applied, and can also be modified at any time to meet your requirements.

Therefore, in the automated logistics system, efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production can be fully realized, the operation efficiency of the logistics system can be improved, and a higher degree of unmanned production can be achieved.

2. China's AGV professional solution design is more reliable

CASUN's scheme design engineers are all experienced professional scheme design engineers, customized according to customer requirements. We provide a full range of logistics solutions, and are responsible for the production development process and implementation plan of the scheme planning equipment.

Replace traditional manufacturing with high-tech and high-intelligence automation equipment, customize the overall solution of digital intelligent manufacturing for enterprises, change the original inherent manufacturing mode, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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