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CASUN Won the "2021 Innovative Product" Award in the AGV Industry

On October 28, 2021, the 2nd GG Mobile Robot Annual Conference and the GG Mobile Robot Golden Globe Award Ceremony were held. CASUN won the "2021 Innovative Product" award for its excellent product innovation strength.

Material Handling Forklift

Innovative Product of the Year - F8 Mini Handling Forklift

Material Handling Forklift

This award-winning product is one of the star products launched by CASUN in March 2021 - F8 Mini Handling Forklift. F8 mini handling forklift is a narrow aisle material handling forklift independently developed by CASUN, which adopts the patented technology of its own drive device. Its design is compact, the width of the vehicle is only 775mm, and the logistics channel of 800mm can pass; it is flexible in walking, supports 90° turning radius, and 180° in-situ rotation; and uses electric lift, which is quiet and environmentally friendly; can be equipped with multi-line lidar, 3D modeling the surrounding environment, stronger positioning performance, higher security, and adapt to more indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Ⅰ. Product innovation of agv forklifts

1. Two-wheel differential structure, more flexible in narrow lanes

As a handling forklift AGV specially designed for the on-site environment of narrow aisles, the F8 adopts a two-wheel differential drive structure to achieve more flexible operation in narrow aisles, which can realize in-situ rotation and U-turn operation.

2. Electric lift, no pollution to the environment

The product adopts the electric lifting method. Compared with the transmission hydraulic lifting, the electric lifting has no pollution to the site environment, and has low noise. It is suitable for industries such as medicine, glass, and food that require high cleanliness.

3. The first application of multi-threaded lidar, high safety and more accurate navigation

For the first time, the multi-line laser radar is used in the navigation method to achieve:

①High security: Compared with the traditional single-line laser radar, which can only scan in a plane and cannot measure the height of the object, multiple laser radars can perform 3D modeling of the surrounding environment of the AGV forklift through scanning, and use relevant algorithms to compare the difference between the data before and after in real time, and identify the The surrounding people or objects improve the safety of the AGV during operation.

②High stability: Multi-line lidar can also achieve synchronous modeling and enhance navigation stability.

③ Strong adaptability, multi-line lidar technology makes the AGV environment more adaptable. Thanks to the real-time update of the environment map, its autonomous navigation is less affected by the surrounding environment, and is more autonomous, flexible and stable.

4. Using 5G technology, efficient transmission and low latency

Using 5G communication technology, it meets the requirements of multi-line LiDAR for high speed and low latency of network communication, and helps AGV forklifts truly realize automatic navigation.

 Ⅱ. AGV forklift product features

1. Strong environmental adaptability: It has the function of self-learning map, and can update the running map independently according to the changes of the scene during operation, thereby greatly improving the environmental applicability and suitable for outdoor applications;

2. It can be connected with external equipment: if you can get up and down the elevator;

3. High positioning accuracy: the primary positioning accuracy is ±5mm, and the secondary positioning accuracy can reach ±3mm;

4. High operating efficiency: It adopts full servo drive, which can quickly increase the speed (0-72 meters only takes 3 seconds), and has the function of rapid rotation (only 3 seconds for in-situ rotation);

5. Fault self-inspection: It has a complete fault self-inspection function, and has remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery functions;

6. Self-charging: When the battery is low, it can go to the charging station for automatic charging; no manual intervention is required to achieve 24-hour operation;

7. Multiple safety protection: equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound and light voice warning to ensure safe operation.

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