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C4-C1 Rear Traction AGV

C4-C1 traction AGV is a laser guide navigation traction tugger AGV, using the tail traction device to pull materials, the traction capacity can reach 3-4.5T.

C4-C1 Rear Traction AGV

Parameters of C4-C1 Tugger AGV

GuidanceMagnetic navigationDriving methodSteering drive
DimensionsL1376*W650*H918(mm)Charging methodAuto charger(Side type)
Traveling directionForward, backward, reverse and 0~90 degree turnBatteryLithium battery
Load capacity3000KG / 4500KGCommunicationRF/WiFi/5G
Travel speed0~72m/minSafety alarmSound and visual warning
Turning radius800mmSafety detecting range≤3m(adjustable)
Guidance accuracy±10mmProtectionsFront obstacle detection sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper+emergency stop switch
Stopping accuracy±10mm

Core Advantages of C4-C1 Tugger AGV

Core Advantages of C4-C1 Tugger AGV

Strong load capability

It has a maximum load of 4.5 tons and runs at a speed of 72 m/min at full load

Up and down the elevator

It can be linked with ordinary elevator, with cross-floor operation function.

Manual/automatic switching function

It has the function of automatic operation, manual mode can be manually driven, can meet the application of different application scenarios.

Easy to use

Independent operation according to scheduling instructions, without manual intervention in the production process.

Fault self-test

Have perfect fault self-check function, and have remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery function.


When the power is low, it can go to the charging station for automatic charging. No manual intervention to achieve 24 hours of operation

Multiple security protection

Equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound, light and voice warning to ensure safe operation.

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