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CASUN Helps the Intelligent Upgrade of the Food Field

In the food and beverage industry, when the post-90s generation became the main force of consumers, a large number of phenomenal new brands, such as Li Ziqi, Yuanqi Forest, and Saturnbird Coffee, emerged one after another, triggering the Chinese consumer market to move towards refinement, Personalized development provides unprecedented opportunities and imagination for the growth of new brands and the rebirth of old brands. With the rapid development of the food industry, food production enterprises will also have higher and higher requirements for AGV products.

Ⅰ. The application of AGV vehicles in the food industry

The application of AGV vehicles in food production lines can realize the unmanned operation of the whole process from food production to the final delivery of finished products, including all intelligent logistics operations such as finished products in and out of the warehouse, raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials transportation.

1. Raw and auxiliary materials out-of-warehouse transportation

Through the intelligent control system independently developed by CASUN, the operator can realize the delivery of raw and auxiliary material pallets, and then the AGV trolley waits at the corresponding platform to pick up and transport it to the corresponding station, so as to realize the intelligent transportation of goods out of the warehouse.

2. Pallet warehousing and transportation

CASUN AGV intelligent control system can dispatch the nearest AGV trolley that has just unloaded goods to the corresponding pick-up platform according to the pallet return application, take out the empty pallets, and send them to the empty pallet recycling station, so as to automatically complete the empty pallet recycling and conveying.

3. Finished product warehousing and transportation

The operator can apply for storage through the CASUN control system, and the AGV system can issue instructions to notify the AGV car. The AGV trolley will take the finished pallet from the pickup station according to the instruction, automatically send the finished pallet to the finished product warehouse according to the target position, and automatically unload the finished pallet to the cargo unloading platform.

4. Delivery of finished products

The operator submits a finished product outbound application to the AGV system. The AGV robot takes the finished pallet from the warehouse and automatically transports the finished pallet to the buffer zone of the loading and unloading station.

This series of applications of CASUN AGV can make the transportation system of the food automation production line realize a complete intelligent upgrade, and greatly improve the flexibility and efficiency of food processing and production.

Ⅱ. The advantages of AGV vehicles in the food industry

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1. Reduce labor costs

In today's rising labor costs, AGV can reduce manual operations, achieve 24-hour uninterrupted work, no holidays, and perfectly replace manual transportation work.

2. Reduce labor loss rate

AGV vehicles can reduce the pollution of human activities, and the fully automated handling process can also effectively reduce the damage of materials due to human error during the handling process.

3. Cluster scheduling capability

The intelligent management system independently developed by CASUN has the cluster scheduling capability of thousands of AGVs in a single warehouse receipt system, and is in a leading position in the industry.

4. Strong practicability and high production efficiency

CASUN AGV is small in size, large in load capacity, and flexible in operation. It is very suitable for fast-paced or space-constrained workshops, warehouses and other environments. Efficient, reliable and flexible transportation methods also further improve production efficiency and reliability.

The current logistics in the food and beverage industry is characterized by fast pace and high requirements for space and flexibility. The diversity and flexibility of CASUN's intelligent AGV automation solutions can effectively solve the transportation of various foods in the production process of the food and beverage industry. Greatly improve the flexibility and efficiency in the food processing and production process. Welcome to consult.

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