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Brewing Industry: Sharing of Intelligent Brewing Practices in Traditional Brewing Production

Winemaking is an ancient industry. With the upgrading of market consumption, the production of wine through traditional brewing methods can no longer meet the modern market demand due to its long cycle, and its production relies heavily on experienced manual labor, resulting in relatively high costs. Therefore, the application of automation and intelligent production technology to improve the production efficiency and product quality of winemaking has become a key focus of research and practice in the industry.

This article will take liquor brewing as an example to introduce the intelligent brewing applications in the winemaking industry and share the intelligent application cases of CASUN Intelligence in the wine industry.

Ⅰ. Intelligent Application of AGV Products in the Winemaking Industry

1. Intelligentization of Mashing Process

Through the study of the mashing process and data analysis, on the basis of absorbing the essence of traditional technology, the optimal temperature and humidity process curve of the mash fermentation is simulated by computer, and the temperature and humidity in the mashing room are controlled automatically to create a suitable environment for the cultivation of advantageous bacteria, thus improving the quality of the mash and ensuring the quality of the wine.

2. Intelligentization of Wine Fermentation

By automating the control of the fermentation process, accurate control of the temperature of the feed, fermentation environment temperature and carbon dioxide concentration, etc. is achieved, so that the wine fermentation can follow the optimal process curve, thus inhibiting the formation of harmful components such as mixed alcohols and generating beneficial ingredients, which is the fundamental guarantee of wine quality.

3. Intelligentization of Blending Process

Under the requirements of Industry 4.0 intelligent production, the automatic blending technology adopts the monitoring method of sensors to adjust the content and proportion of various flavor substances in winemaking precisely through computer control, avoiding the work differences caused by manual blending. Supported by the new generation of microcomputer control, gas chromatography analysis and other technologies, the blending process of winemaking is more digitalized and modeled, enabling more quantitative and optimized indicators to control the accuracy of blending work.

4. Intelligent Packaging

The highly automated and intelligent packaging production solution greatly improves the automation level of the packaging process on the assembly line, including filling, sealing, labeling, coding, and loading, etc. At the same time, mobile robots, mechanical arms, computer monitoring systems, etc. can be introduced to strictly control the quality of packaging, avoiding packaging quality problems caused by manual operation, and greatly improving packaging efficiency.

5. Intelligent Logistics

Logistics is an important connector for various process links and sales links in Baijiu brewing. The material transfer volume in the Baijiu brewing process is large, and its mash and grain residue have high viscosity, requiring the selection of different material mixing equipment and conveying equipment according to different materials and process stages. The introduction of intelligent logistics can solve the transportation problems of raw material warehouses, production lines, and finished product warehouses, not only realizing the organic combination of wine production and sales but also monitoring the production, transportation, and sales of wine materials and products in an all-round way through internet information technology. This can ensure the production quality of wine, improve the product competitiveness and market credibility of winemaking enterprises.

Ⅱ. Intelligent Logistics Solutions for AGV Products in the Winemaking Industry by CASUN Intelligence

1. Project Background

A certain wine qu starter transport project needs to achieve the transportation of empty hoppers from the steamed wine area to the hopper cleaning area, adding fermented grain to the bran for high-temperature steaming, and inputting the distilled wine into the wine jar through the pipeline;

Project Difficulty Overview: The forklift AGV needs to remove the empty hopper from the machine equipment, which is 4000mm high with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons, and has a high requirement for the AGV's accuracy;

Project Requirement: By importing the AGV product and intelligent management system, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, their working comfort is improved, and the direct labor costs of enterprises are reduced;

2. Project Plan

1) 8 AGVs, 4 charging piles, and 1 AGV control system are applied in the project's single workshop;

2) Through the docking with the first-party wine enterprise system, the transportation of the wine qu hoppers between different workshops is realized;

3) CASUN AGV intelligent management system is docked with the first-party system on-site to achieve full automatic scheduling and management of AGV products;

3. Advantages of the Plan

1) High precision docking; L16 forklift AGV provided by CASUN, a leading AGV manufacturer, achieves high precision docking with the machine equipment when picking up the hopper, with a precision of 5-8mm;

2) Intelligent management; The AGV intelligent control system is docked with the first-party system, generating tasks automatically and intelligently planning the optimal path to reduce invalid travel and improve operational efficiency;

4. Customer Benefits

1) Reduced labor costs; It greatly reduces the workload of forklift drivers and improves the safety of personnel work;

2) Reduced equipment investment costs; Flexible process improvement saves labor costs, reducing labor load;

3) Intelligent AGV management; Realizes the optimal allocation of paths and tasks.

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