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C5-P1 Balanced Forklift AGV

C5-Q1 is balanced and heavy laser navigation forklift AGV, small model, small space during transportation, no external legs, no need to worry about the interference between the machine and the forklift legs when taking and placing materials.

C5-P1 Balanced Forklift AGV

Parameters of C5-P1 Counter Balanced Forklift AGV

GuidanceLaser navigationLifting height2900mm
DimensionsL3200*W1450*H2550(mm)Driving methodSteering drive
Traveling directionForward, backward, 0~90 degree turnCharging methodAuto charger(Side type)
Load capacity600KGBatteryLithium battery
Travel speed0~72m/minCommunicationWiFi/5G
Turn radius1500mmSafety alarmSound and visual warning
Guidance accuracy±10mmSafety detecting range≤3m(adjustable)
Stopping accuracy±10mmProtectionsFront obstacle detection sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper+emergency stop switch

Core Advantages of C5-P1 Counter Balanced Forklift AGV

Core Advantages of C5-P1 Counter Balanced Forklift AGV

Small volume, high lifting

AGV has no legs, has a small footprint and can lift up to 2900mm, which is suitable for the operation environment with limited site area.

Up and down the elevator

It can be linked with the ordinary elevator, with two forklifts in and out of the elevator at the same time, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency.

Run across floors

Similar map across the floor of the scene operation, greatly meet the occasion of different floors of material transfer.

Multiple devices linked

Multiple AGVs synchronize with each other, which applies to complex material handling scenarios.

Easy to use

Independent operation according to scheduling instructions, without manual intervention in the production process.

Fault self-test

Have perfect fault self-check function, and have remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery function.


When the power is low, it can go to the charging station for automatic charging. No manual intervention to achieve 24 hours of operation.

Multiple security protection

The AGVs are equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound, light and voice warning to ensure safe operation.

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