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Power Battery: Mid-stage Process Analysis and AGV and AMR Applications

Under the trend of large-scale development of power batteries, material cost reduction has limited the reduction of BOM cost of power batteries. Through innovative manufacturing processes, introduction of intelligent and digital technologies, improvement of product quality, production efficiency, and reduction of defect rates have become the urgent needs of battery companies. As the core part of the power battery production process, the mid-stage process has more extreme requirements for high efficiency, high precision and high consistency .

The connection between power battery manufacturing processes is becoming more flexible, and the connection between production lines is getting closer and closer, especially the connection of equipment, network, data, etc. AGV /AMR is an important carrier for seamless connection between processes. It is necessary to meet the technological requirements of the mid-stage process .

Ⅰ. Introduction to the middle process of the power battery:

The production process of the middle section of the lithium battery is to make the battery cell through the processes of winding / lamination, welding into the shell, drying, liquid injection, sealing and cleaning.

The middle-stage process mainly includes the winding / lamination of the cell and the liquid injection of the cell, and the equipment involved includes a winding machine, a lamination machine, and a liquid injection machine.

The electrochemical performance of the cells produced by the winding process is slightly worse than that of the laminated type, but the advantages are that the degree of automation is high, the production is easy, and it is suitable for large-scale production. Therefore, the square cells on the market, especially the cylindrical cells, are generally Production by winding process.

Agv Management

The demand for smart logistics in the middle-stage process of the lithium battery industry is also in a state of full bloom in the whole process. In the middle-stage process, there are a large number of intelligent logistics systems and equipment applications in the process links such as pole roll handling, diaphragm handling, and cell pulling.

Ⅱ. Demand and difficulties of AGV smart logistics in the middle process

The middle-stage equipment of lithium batteries emphasizes individualization more than the previous stage, and has higher requirements on the accuracy, efficiency and consistency of the process.

1 ) Efficient operation; in the new energy market with strong demand, high efficiency is one of the core goals of power battery production, efficient production and guaranteed delivery;

2 ) High precision; high precision is an important guarantee for efficient process and yield; inaccurate positioning of mobile robots and errors will not only increase production links and reduce production efficiency, but also lead to waste of raw materials and products during production and handling. The yield is the ultimate pursuit of lithium battery production;

3 ) Low pollution: The winding / lamination of the battery cells and the liquid injection of the battery cells have extremely high requirements on the workshop environment. Any pollutants may affect the quality of the products and reduce the yield;

4) High stability: The lithium battery industry has a large production scale, frequent assembly operations, and a large number of participating equipment. Logistics equipment service providers need to have the ability to centralize large-scale scheduling and the openness and safety of seamless connection with the production line to ensure stable equipment operation.

Ⅲ. CASUN intelligent mid-section process AGV intelligent logistics solution

CASUN Intelligent has been focusing on intelligent logistics solutions for 15 years. It has rich practical experience in the intelligent upgrading of logistics in power battery manufacturing plants. It has more than 2,000 AGV/AMR applications on site for a single customer in the lithium battery manufacturing industry. Logistics applications have multi-scenario product series and rich solutions.

1. CASUN intelligent AGV/AMR intelligent solution product series

1 ) Latent lift AGV/AMR ;

2 ) Backpack AGV/AMR ;

3 ) Intelligent forklift AGV/AMR ;

4 ) AGV intelligent control system.

According to the requirements of the production line process, the AGV/AMR series hardware products can be used in combination to realize one-way, two-way, and omni-directional operation, and can independently complete lifting, transportation, and unloading actions, and at the same time, complex operations such as attachment and detachment can be realized. Meet the needs of scenarios such as pole roll handling, diaphragm handling, and cell pulling tapes in the mid-stage process;

At the same time, CASUN Intelligent has complete and advanced two-dimensional code, magnetic stripe, laser, SLAM, and visual navigation technology, which can accurately navigate in complex environments; it operates efficiently and accurately under the scheduling of intelligent control system.

2. Advantages of CASUN intelligent solution

1 ) Independent intelligent control system to achieve precise docking at the system level.

The self-developed AGV intelligent control system is perfectly connected with the MES system and the WMS system, automatically generates material transfer tasks, and automatically transports materials into the system to distribute materials; and through rational planning of AGV/AMR operation paths, comprehensively improve AGV/AMR operation efficiency;

2 ) Electric lift, no pollution to the environment;

The lifting series AGV/AMR products can adopt the electric lifting method. Compared with the transmission hydraulic lifting, the electric lifting has no pollution to the site environment, and has low noise, which meets the strict environmental cleanliness requirements of the front-end production of power batteries;

3 ) The application of multi-threaded lidar has high safety and more accurate navigation;

Multi-line LiDAR is used in the navigation mode to achieve:

High security, compared to the traditional single-line laser radar, which can only scan in a plane and cannot measure the height of the object, the multi-threaded laser radar can perform 3D modeling of the surrounding environment of the AGV through scanning, and use the AI algorithm to compare the difference between the data before and after in real time, and identify the surrounding environment. People or objects, improve the safety of AGV during operation;

High stability, multi-line lidar can also achieve synchronous modeling and enhance navigation stability;

Strong adaptability, multi-line lidar technology makes AGV more adaptable to the environment, thanks to the real-time update of the environment map, its autonomous navigation is less affected by the surrounding environment, and is more autonomous, flexible and stable;

4 ) Visual aided navigation and deviation correction to achieve higher accuracy;

With laser SLAM navigation as the main, visual aided navigation method, the positioning accuracy is as high as ± 5mm, which can further solve the problem of high frequency of pole roll conveying and accurate docking of material racks. barrier algorithm, saving transportation efficiency.

5 ) High stability and cluster scheduling capability;

CASUN Intelligent has successfully developed an AGV management system in 2011, and has opened more than 100 standard open interfaces, which can synchronize information with WMS and other equipment, and realize AGV/AMR cluster scheduling. CASUN Intelligent has implemented more than 2,000 AGV/AMR units in a single customer in the lithium battery industry, and its coordination, cluster stability and accuracy have been fully recognized by industry customers.

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