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The Value of CASUN Logistics in the Power Battery Production Industry

In the application scenario of AGV in the power battery production line, enterprises pay more attention to the accuracy of AGV positioning, the coordination with the overall production rhythm, the stability of the scheduling system and the accuracy of data collection.

From the perspective of the power battery operation process, the power battery smart logistics is divided into three major parts: supplier management (SRM), in-plant information management, and after-sales logistics management. At present, the front-end has basically achieved informatization, and the back-end has also realized data return with the help of third-party logistics platforms. Only the information management in the factory, although there are highly automated production equipment, there are often data flow gaps in the transshipment link. Therefore, improving this link is an important mission for AGV vehicles to undertake from the body to the control.

Ⅰ. The application value of CASUN smart AGV logistics solution in the power battery industry

CASUN smart AGV logistics solution has rich practical experience in the lithium battery industry, bringing effective application value to the power battery industry:

1. Improve the convenience of raw material storage, promote unmanned material handling in the workshop, and ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the automatic charge and discharge monitoring system;

2. Realize the needs of automatic material handling and mixed production of batteries of different specifications in the production of power batteries, and improve flexibility and intelligence;

3. The two-dimensional code/bar code is used as the information carrier to realize the informationization of material receiving and storing management and the whole process automatic traceability management of batteries;

4. Reduce the loss and mistakes of misoperation in the manual sorting process, and improve the quality and operation efficiency.

Ⅱ. The economic benefits of CASUN smart AGV logistics solution industry application

Economic benefits:

1. The construction and operation cost is reduced by 20%;

2. The workshop production staff is reduced by 25%;

3. The defective rate of products is reduced by 12.5%;

4. Production efficiency increased by 25%;

5. The warehouse utilization rate is as high as 40%;

Ⅲ. Industry application advantages of CASUN smart AGV logistics solution

1. Small footprint:

Traditional conveyor lines require rollers to be installed in the entire process line, which takes up a lot of space. However, there is no equipment connection between the AGV stations, which can facilitate the passage of workers and materials.

2. Flexible use:

The traditional conveyor line is complicated to disassemble and assemble, and the fixed position is not easy to change. The use of AGV vehicles is very flexible, and the route and process changes can be completed only by changing the program.

3. High fault tolerance:

The lithium battery PACK production line process is quite complicated. If there is a problem somewhere, it will affect the operation of the entire process. The AGV has the function of mixed-line transportation. When there is a problem with the AGV somewhere, the faulty AGV can be manually/automatically sent to the maintenance area. Replace the original AGV work, the fastest time to restore the normal process.

Ⅳ. The selection of AGV vehicles in the power battery industry

1. Precautions for AGV selection in the power battery industry:

The load, speed and accuracy of AGV have been improved to a certain level, which can meet the high-speed and high-efficiency requirements of the lithium battery industry for robots, while ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment and products, and its simple and easy-to-deploy features can improve the return on investment in production equipment.

2. When selecting a robot, the following factors need to be comprehensively considered:

(1) Bearing capacity:

Power battery products are relatively single and have a large volume and weight, so it is more convenient to use a robot with a large load for handling and packing at the back end of the production line;

(2) Workspace:

In the production of power batteries, the frequency of transportation is high, the workshop space is complex, and the mixed flow of people and vehicles requires AGV vehicles to improve their spatial adaptability to meet the transportation in special spaces such as narrow roadways and curves;

(3) Degree of freedom and flexibility:

Based on the process links that require high flexibility and collaboration in power battery manufacturing, AGV needs to give full play to its advantages in flexible production to achieve efficient feedback in route planning, flexible obstacle avoidance, etc.; this will put forward higher requirements for AGV technology, more flexible application of path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithm;

(4) Accuracy:

For the battery production line, the biggest difficulty of the front-end process coating, rolling, and automatic loading and unloading of the slitting machine is that the docking accuracy is high, and it is difficult to achieve only by the positioning accuracy/ docking accuracy of the car body itself. Generally, cameras are used. Therefore, improving the accuracy of the AGV vehicle itself is crucial to product application and production efficiency.

(5) Movement speed and applicable scenarios;

The application purpose of AGV is to promote the extreme manufacturing of the power battery industry. The high-speed operation capability of AGV is also an important factor in the improvement of production and manufacturing, which greatly improves the return on investment of production equipment.

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