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Industry Trends: Driving Industry Standard Establishment, Boosting Healthy Development of Industrial Mobile Robotics Industry

Industry standards mean the establishment of norms and maturity within an industry. Industry standards can regulate social production activities, standardize market behavior, lead economic and social development, promote the establishment of the best order, promote the technical coordination and cooperation of ecological products in the industry; at the same time, products that comply with industry standards can enhance communication and understanding among countries around the world, eliminate technical barriers, and promote international economic and trade development as well as scientific, technological, cultural exchanges and cooperation. The rapidly developing field of industrial mobile robots urgently needs to establish industry standards.

1. The AGV mobile robots industry urgently needs standardized development

According to research statistics, in 2021, under the continuous impact of the global new crown epidemic, China's industrial application AGV mobile robots (AGV/AMR) market has shown higher-than-expected growth. In 2021, the overall sales of industrial application mobile robots (AGV/AMR) increased by 75.61% compared with 2020, and the market sales reached 12.6 billion yuan (with overseas sales of 2.5 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 64%. With the rapid growth of the market and the rapid iteration of technology, problems such as low product compatibility, irregular supply of parts, and other problems seriously affect the healthy development of industrial robot products.

At the same time, every country and region in the world has related regulations for the import of industrial robot products. Due to the different levels of technological development and social development among countries, the requirements for product safety certification are different. From the system of regulatory standards, the scope of product certification, to the market supervision system, all are inconsistent. Therefore, when products are exported to different countries and regions, there are different certification standards to be considered. Conversely, the critical components used in AGV/AMR also have corresponding regulatory standards for different markets.

2. CASUN Intelligent actively promotes the establishment of AGV mobile robots industry standards

CASUN Intelligent was established in 2007 and is one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in industrial mobile robot research and development, production, and service, and is committed to promoting the application of industrial mobile robots. Now, CASUN is the leading AGV manufacturer around the world.

As of 2021, CASUN Intelligent has completed and implemented more than 2,650 breakthrough AGV/AMR system solutions, delivered various types of AGV/AMR products reaching up to 20,000 units, and products have been widely used in industries such as flat panel displays, new energy lithium batteries, automobiles and auto parts, logistics circulation, food and beverage, 3C electronics, and home appliances, etc, deeply loved by well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. As an industry leader, CASUN Intelligent actively promotes industry norms and healthy development.

As a member of the China AGV mobile robots (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance Standardization Technical Committee (referred to as the "standard committee"), CASUN Intelligent has developed and released 10 industry standards in the industrial mobile robot industry, and has participated in drafting six industry standards, actively promoting industry healthy development!

In order to accelerate industry norms and healthy development, CASUN Intelligent has not stopped, actively invested in standard formulation, and took the lead in participating in the drafting of the "Technical Specification for Industrial Application Mobile Robot Unmanned Forklift" and "Data Interface Specification between Industrial Application Mobile Robots and Their Scheduling Systems" in 2022.

The CASUN Intelligent AGV robots system platform consists of the WMS warehouse management system, WCS warehouse control system, CRMS mobile robot control system, and digital simulation system as its core components. And we also provide custom AGV according to customers' needs.

Through the warehouse management system, intelligent warehouse management can be achieved at low cost. Through the warehouse control system, various types of automated logistics equipment can be controlled. The robot management system can be integrated with the enterprise's upper-level system or storage related system. It can control AGV/AMR for efficient handling.

By using the digital simulation system, potential problems can be discovered in the design and planning stages, ensuring efficient project delivery. The coordination of several systems will deliver high-quality digital logistics products to customers.

While CASUN Intelligent strives to improve and optimize its management system, it actively carries out standardization and scheduling system interfaces. It can currently connect with mainstream WMS/WCS/CRMS and other manufacturing management systems as well as peer robot body management systems with an inclusive and open attitude, promoting industry standardization, healthy, and rapid development.

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