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CASUN Trackless AGV, Simpler Than Imagined

In the era of the deepening influence of artificial intelligence technology on various industries, major enterprises are constantly calling for the establishment of automated intelligent warehouses. In this environment, AGV trolleys have received much attention, with their market sales showing exponential growth, and AGV technology has also been constantly updating.

Now, the most attention-grabbing concept is undoubtedly the new concept of unmanned AGV. In fact, the unmanned AGV is not a new concept. As a leading AGV manufacturer, CASUN Intelligence launched a rail-free type AGV trolley a long time ago, such as laser guided navigation AGV, QR code inertial navigation AGV, and magnetic nail navigation AGV.

1. Laser Guided Navigation AGV


CASUN's laser guided navigation AGV can be divided into two navigation methods: retroreflective navigation and contour navigation. The retroreflective navigation AGV is equipped with accurate reflectors around the AGV's travel path, and the AGV determines its current position and direction by emitting a laser beam and collecting the laser beam reflected by the reflector.


The contour navigation AGV uses laser ranging combined with SLAM algorithms to establish a complete set of travel path maps for the AGV without any auxiliary materials, and has a higher degree of flexibility, suitable for global deployment!

2. QR Code Navigation AGV


After receiving instructions from the work center, the AGV is guided by the navigation system to the cargo loading position. After loading, according to the preset instructions, the system analyzes the starting and ending point paths and plans the optimal walking path, walking to the designated position. During this process, the navigation system constantly identifies the two-dimensional code information around it, and uses the AGV subsystem to calculate and analyze its current position in real time. Then communicate wirelessly with the work center computer to manage and plan the overall logistics operation progress of the industrial scene, avoid interfering with each other, and improve transportation efficiency.

3. Magnetic Nail Navigation AGV


Magnetic nail navigation uses magnetic navigation sensors to detect the magnetic signals of the magnetic nail to find the travel path. It only changes the continuous induction of the magnetic strip used for magnetic strip navigation to intermittent induction, so the distance between the magnetic nails cannot be too large, and the AGV is in a distance measurement state between the two magnetic nails, and under this state, the encoder is required to measure the distance traveled. Secondly, the control module used for magnetic nail navigation is the same as the one used for magnetic strip navigation. Ultimately, magnetic navigation AGV, whether using magnetic nail or strip navigation, offers accurate and reliable navigation solutions for material handling across a wide range of industries.

Shenzhen CASUN Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, formerly known as Shenzhen CASUN Weiye Science and Technology Co., Ltd. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in AGV and automation solutions research and development, design, production, and sales. After four consecutive years of growth at a rate of more than 100%, it has now become the industry leader with the most innovative and R&D capabilities in China.

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