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Application Practice of Intelligent Manufacturing in Automobile Assembly Workshop

The task of the automobile assembly workshop is to assemble various parts and components such as engines and transmissions on the body base according to certain assembly technical requirements and assembly relationships to form a complete and qualified automobile.

This article analyzes the intelligent planning direction of AGV application intelligent assembly workshop based on the project practice experience of CASUN in the comprehensive solution of intelligent logistics in the automobile industry for many years.

Usually a car needs to be assembled with about 1000~2000 parts in the assembly workshop. There are many types of parts and assembly processes. Therefore, the assembly workshop is also the one with the most types of equipment.


Ⅰ. Application direction of intelligent AGV in automobile assembly workshop

At present, the domestic and foreign automobile assembly process planning is developing towards the direction of automation, modularization, platformization, standardization, intelligence, digitization and humanization. PLC devices are used as far as possible for equipment control, and the assembly adopts modular supply. The starting and speed of the production line are networked with the production management system, and the equipment shutdown information is always linked to the production management.

Ⅱ. Automotive assembly AGV intelligent logistics upgrade

In order to meet the assembly requirements of the automobile assembly workshop, a large number of equipment and management systems need to be equipped. The equipment of the assembly workshop includes conveying equipment, logistics equipment and management system, glue coating equipment, power assist equipment, testing equipment, filling equipment, press-fitting equipment, electrical equipment. equipment, etc.

1. Conveying equipment: PBS conveying equipment, interior line conveying equipment, chassis line conveying equipment, final line conveying equipment, commercialization line conveying equipment, rain shower line conveying equipment, chassis sub-assembly line conveying equipment, door line conveying equipment, resin Conveyor line, tire conveyor line, seat line, etc.;

2. Logistics equipment and management system: AGV and its auxiliary equipment (offline charging wall, battery and its charger, battery trolley, online charging cabinet, AGV management system), loading and unloading handling device (kit device), front and rear windshield lifting device, shock absorber assembly cross-line handling device.

The automobile assembly workshop has long logistics lines and frequent material transfer. The use of AGV vehicles effectively improves the intelligence of the assembly workshop.

Ⅲ. The core of automobile assembly AGV application logistics upgrade

1. New assembly workshop:

In the planning stage, it is necessary to carefully study and formulate the intelligent manufacturing plan and implement it into the implementation project, and determine the priority and choice of intelligent manufacturing projects according to the actual needs of the company. Since the intelligent manufacturing projects are carried out almost simultaneously, the biggest difficulty is in There may be ill-consideration in the process or equipment, the problem of incompatibility of various intelligent manufacturing units or intelligent equipment groups, and various unexpected difficulties during the debugging process, which affect the implementation effect and progress, which requires intelligent manufacturing planners, process engineers, information engineers, automation engineers, etc. must have a unified coordination in advance, formulate relevant technical specifications and technical requirements, and reflect them in the technical task book of equipment specifications, and strictly supervise the implementation.

2. Intelligent transformation of the final assembly workshop that has been put into production:

For the intelligent transformation of the workshop that has been put into production, the biggest difficulty in its implementation is how to avoid the impact of intelligent transformation on normal production. The transformation technical plan, transformation implementation plan and plans to ensure normal production all require repeated discussions and deductions. The risk of retrofitting is minimized.

It is necessary to determine the urgency of the transformation project according to the intelligent manufacturing plan, and give priority to solving the outstanding problems encountered, so that the intelligent transformation can empower the manufactured automobile products and enhance the competitiveness of the products. Solving the interconnection of information systems, product tracking and positioning and identification should be placed in the most prominent position, solving the automatic identification and information transmission of vehicle models, and better realizing other intelligent manufacturing application scenarios.

In a word, realizing the intelligentization of automobile manufacturing assembly workshop is the development direction of manufacturing technology. There are many application scenarios of intelligent assembly. After realizing intelligentization, it can significantly improve the QCDI level of automobile manufacturing and enhance the market competitiveness of products. Relevant professional technicians are required. Only by working together and integrating wisdom can a high-level intelligent planning of the final assembly workshop be formulated.

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