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CASUN: Smart Logistics Helps Lithium Battery Industry Speed ​​Up and Increase Efficiency

I. The value of smart logistics in the lithium battery industry

"As we all know, under the cover of the epidemic in 2020, with the strong support of the state and local governments, the new energy vehicle industry can be said to have turned around against the wind and out of the trough in 2019 in one fell swoop. Power batteries are a necessary part of pure electric new energy vehicles. From policy orientation to favorable market demand, from technology development to the gradual improvement of industrial layout, the power battery industry will usher in explosive growth in the next 3-5 years." Vice President Zhang of CASUN shared the prospects for power batteries. With the development of the power battery industry. Automation, intelligence and flexibility will become the inevitable trend of large-scale production of power batteries in the future. In order to realize the "three modernizations" of power battery production, an automated and intelligent intelligent production logistics system is built. It will also become the industry standard.

agv-mobile-robots.jpg"From the perspective of the power battery business circle, the smart logistics of power batteries is divided into these three parts. Supplier management (SRM), in-plant information management, and after-sales logistics management. At present, the front-end is basically informatized, and the back-end also relies on third parties. The logistics platform realizes data return, only on-site information management. Although there are highly automated production equipment, there will be a data flow gap every time in the transfer link. Therefore, to improve this link, the AGV has to undertake the responsibility from the car body to the control. Then, Vice President of CASUN Zhang proposed the following four application values that smart logistics will bring to the manufacturing process of the lithium battery industry:

1. Improve the convenience of raw material storage, promote unmanned material handling in the workshop, and ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the automatic charge and discharge monitoring system.

2. Realize the needs of automatic material handling and mixed production of batteries of different specifications in the production of power batteries, and improve flexibility and intelligence.

3. The two-dimensional code/bar code is used as the information carrier to realize the informationization of material receiving and storing management and the whole process automatic traceability management of batteries.

4. Reduce the loss and mistakes of misoperation in the manual sorting process, and improve the quality and operation efficiency.

Through these application values, the mobile robot smart logistics solution can achieve a 20% reduction in operating costs, a 12% reduction in product defect rates, a 25% increase in production efficiency, and a substantial increase in warehousing turnover efficiency. Contemporary enterprises are faced with the dilemma that it is difficult to recruit workers, difficult to manage, and high cost to manage. Mobile robots solve this embarrassing problem in various handling scenarios, and are far superior to manual operations in terms of data collection and intelligent scheduling.

At the same time, Vice President Zhang also said: CASUN's smart logistics will be designed according to the technological process and demand in the power battery production process. Customized solutions for intelligent logistics and intelligent dispatching systems are provided. Establish and improve solutions for the intelligent production and logistics system of new energy power batteries.

II. The advantages of Casun mobile robot compared with traditional production process

After that, Vice President Zhang shared with you the application of CASUN PACK line in practical projects. The difference between flexible production line and traditional production line is introduced in detail through the application case of PACK line.

Through AGV, each production process can be separated for flexible production. The AGV carries the Pack material vehicle to the assembly and testing station, and interacts with the manipulator, line-side equipment, MES system, etc., to realize the process flow of Pack automatic production.

The vice president said that the CASUN mobile robot smart logistics production line has the following advantages over traditional production processes:

1. The production line layout is highly flexible, can be adjusted according to actual needs, and occupies a small area;

2. The driving speed of AGV can be adjusted. When the output is high, it can run higher, and when the output is low, it can run slower;

3. There is no binding relationship between product types and production line stations, and it is easy to change lines for production;

4. Each AGV is an independent unit, and the abnormality of a single link does not affect the whole. If a certain AGV is faulty, it can be stripped out, and it will not affect the production of the entire workshop operation;

5. The layout is simple and the structure is clear.

According to the feedback data from the actual application site, the use of AGV mobile robots for production line handling and series connection can reduce production costs by 11%-18%, personnel can be reduced by 15% to 23%, product qualification rate can be increased by 3.5%, and production efficiency can be increased by 10%.

Finally, our vice president Zhang concluded: "With the upgrading of the global lithium battery industry, the emergence of various automated and intelligent logistics technologies, and the continuous maturity of the application environment, the AGV industry will also gain more room for development. Next, CASUN will continue to practice in the field of intelligent logistics, go all out to customize the required intelligent logistics AGV solutions for customers, and help enterprises realize the intelligent transformation of logistics at the minimum cost."

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