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AGV Laser Guidance Trolley Working Principle

What is a Laser-Guided AGV Trolley?

Laser-Guided AGV Vehicle is an AGV equipped with a laser navigation triangulation system, which means that it uses laser positioning systems for navigation, unlike previous AGV. The AGV laser guidance car is the most important AMR technology in the development of AGV so far. Consisting of an AGV laser scanner and the AGV reflector, it often relies on sensors or software-based navigation systems. The laser-guided navigation AGV Vehicle may be the key to improving warehouse efficiency.

What is a Laser-Guided AGV Trolley?

Which Types of AGVs / AMRs equip Laser Guided Navigation?

Laser-guided navigation technology has been widely used in automated forklifts due to its reliable characteristics, which are based on accurate positioning tolerances. Laser-guided navigation can also be used for tugger/traction/carrier AGVs. Besides AGV laser navigation, AGVs / AMRs can use SLAM navigation and SLAM will become a new standard due to its flexibility and convenient installation.

How does a Laser-Guided AGV Trolley work?

Then, what is the AGV working principle? The laser scanner installed on the AGV laser guidance car rotates 360 degrees at a fixed speed. The pulse laser emits laser light to the reflector, and the direction of the laser is reflected by the reflector, the laser scanner can detect the reflector and get the laser light. Angle and other information, the AGV on-board computer receives and processes the information, calculates the position of the AGV and the direction of movement, and corrects the position by comparing it with the parameters built in the upper control system, thereby guiding the AGV to follow the pre-set route. In addition, in the AGV laser guidance system, a certain number of reflectors are strategically installed in the designated area. This is for all reflector data (including the XY coordinates of the reflector) and the reflector in an AGV working area. The facing direction (that is, the angle of reflection) can be accurately marked in the citation system.

Laser-Guided AGV Trolley Applications

AGV trolley can easily and flexibly enter and exit all kinds of production, assembly lines, conveyor lines, machines, stations, shelves, etc., which can basically meet the needs of warehousing and logistics. Automatic production lines such as packaging have high flexibility, large material flow, and fast response time. However, it needs to plan the operation route of the AGV in advance, and the position of each laser reflector in the production workshop cannot be moved at will, and the fixed position of the reflector is also required to be accurate. Only in this way can the AGV be prepared to calculate the travel path. In addition, the technology also introduces the two main functions of AGV laser guidance technology, position calculation and collision protection, to improve the driving stability of the AGV.

AGV Laser Guided Navigation Advantages And Disadvantages

AGV laser guidance technology is a key topic and development trend in the field of AGV research. Many researchers in the world are committed to improving the accuracy, real-time and reliability of AGV path recognition and position calculation. The introduction of position calculation and anti-collision protection functions improves the driving stability and transportation efficiency of AGVs, improves the flexibility and safety issues in the warehousing logistics system, improves the level of automation and management of enterprises, and also contributes to the development of automated guided vehicle China. Open up broader application prospects.

However, it exists some flaws as well. Once the Laser-Guided AGV Trolley has been installed, its path can only be modified by a skilled supplier engineer. If you wish to update a path, you must contact your automated guided vehicle supplier.

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