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Casun How Does the Logistics Transfer of the Pack Line Work?

With the further implementation of concepts such as carbon neutrality, the shortage of supply in the new energy lithium battery industry has become more and more prominent. In this context, expanding production capacity and improving delivery efficiency have become urgent needs of the new energy lithium battery industry. At present, it is difficult to improve the compression in the production process. Therefore, most leading companies in the new energy lithium battery industry have focused on increasing production lines and improving production and operation efficiency, hoping to exchange investment for production capacity and intelligence for efficiency.

1. Autonomous mobile robots help the lithium battery industry to expand production capacity

Compared with traditional automation equipment, autonomous mobile robots can perform rapid deployment, flexible applications and form a closed loop of data flow on the production line, which makes the production line with AGV become a large number of enterprises in the new energy lithium battery industry. The advantages of production lines and increased production capacity. CASUN Intellingent is one of the mainstream manufacturers with the ability to provide AGV intelligent solutions for in-plant logistics.

Shenzhen CASUN Intellingent Robot was established in 2007. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of AGV and AGV intelligent solutions. The main products include CASUN intelligent control system, AGV chassis algorithm and eight series of mobile robot products compatible with four generations of navigation systems. Customers are located in new energy lithium batteries, flat panel displays, automobiles and parts, 3C electronics, food and beverage, home appliances, tobacco and other industries. They have completed and implemented more than 2,100 AGV system solutions, and delivered a total of 16,000 AGV products of various types. It was successfully listed on the New Third Board in 2015 and is a classic brand in the AGV industry.


2. How does the autonomous mobile robot act on the lithium battery pack line

Take the Pack line transfer project provided by CASUN Intellingent for a new energy lithium battery company called the global lithium battery king brand as an example. The operation process of the production line is a circular assembly line, including charge and discharge test, heating film test, air tightness test, etc. process.

The AGV solution provided by CASUN Intellingent has made two major improvements:

First, the solution proposed by CASUN Intellingent is equipped with an AGV intelligent dispatching system. It can realize the system's independent material ordering, intelligent handling, information collection, and intelligent storage, and seamlessly connect with the user's production management system, effectively solving the problem of difficult interaction between devices and forming a closed loop of data flow. In addition, the AGV intelligent dispatching system can assist in the intelligentization of on-site logistics, realize the optimization of warehouse location, route and task allocation, and solve the problem of inconsistent production line rhythm. Second, the AGV equipped in the solution has mature and stable technology, can accurately read positioning information, and control the docking accuracy within ±10mm, which can effectively ensure the smooth completion of production operations, reduce manual intervention, and truly realize the construction of an unmanned workshop.

Regarding the final implementation effect of the CASUN Intellingent Pack line transfer project, it is reported that the final product of the project is a flexible production line, which can effectively improve the flexibility of production scheduling and save about 10 million in fixed equipment input costs. Effectively reduce material damage during the handling process and reduce the defect rate by 90%. The transportation accuracy can be increased to 99%, which can meet the peak output requirements of the entire Pack production line.

How did CASUN gain a foothold in the Pack segment in the lithium battery industry? How did it become a strategic partner of many leading companies in the new energy lithium battery industry? The marketing director of CASUN Intellingent said: "First of all, it is an in-depth analysis of customer needs and a comprehensive understanding of industry applications. CASUN Intellingent has been focusing on researching various industrial application scenarios for a long time, and has deep technical accumulation in the implementation of projects. Secondly, CASUN Intellingent insists on the customer-centric service concept. Not only must do products, but also do good services. Finally, it is the innovative ability of CASUN Intellingent that enables CASUN and users to establish a friendship between the mountains and seas."

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