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What Makes the 10-Year "Internet Celebrity" Stand Out Again and Again?

With the advancement and progress of intelligent automation logistics technology, the use of mobile robots instead of manual handling to achieve logistics transportation is increasingly accepted. The intelligent control system provided by mobile robot logistics realizes the upgrading of factory manufacturing equipment and information interconnection, and the construction of smart factories can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, reduce human errors, and improve product quality.

CASUN Smart Logistics product has won offers and gained customer recognition during the critical period of China's new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The ten-year-old "old internet celebrity" C5 series intelligent autonomous forklift, with evolving skills, has demonstrated its strength.

Project background:

This smart logistics product is applied to the new energy lithium-ion industry to achieve the entry and exit of battery module finished products and meet the automated transportation of materials in narrow alleyways at the site.

Upgrade to an autonomous forklift in the new energy lithium-ion industry

High safety and efficiency requirements

The efficiency requirements for outbound and inbound are 45 pallets per hour, with high process safety assurance.

High automation requirements

Realize "machine substitution," reduce labor intensity; upper-level system automatic control, reduce operating actions, improve efficiency, and reduce error rates; the operation should be easy to learn and reduce the quality requirements for personnel and go beyond experience.

High intelligence requirements

Algorithm guidance, task assignment optimization, improve operation efficiency; autonomous mobile robots self-learning, dynamic path optimization, realize the minimum handling distance; cluster scheduling and traffic control; mobile robots autonomously avoid obstacles and intelligent charging.

Solution of Autonomous Mobile Robots in the Lithium-ion Industry

The project applied multiple intelligent forklifts, automatic charging stations, CRMS mobile robot control systems, and other supporting equipment.

Interface with the WCS system, calling and scheduling are completed by the customer's WCS system. When the system fails, manual calling and scheduling information are issued on the tablet computer.

The CRMS mobile robot control system is docked with the docking station and lift, returns the signal to the customer's WCS system and opens the interface to realize the customer's real-time querying of the status of intelligent autonomous forklifts using the WCS system.

Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

Natural navigation and autonomous operation

The system sends the transportation route to the intelligent forklift. The intelligent forklift compares the environment in the vehicle system memory with the scanned natural structure to determine its position and achieves real-time positioning. When reaching the corresponding location, it executes the corresponding operation (acceleration, deceleration, turning, lifting, lowering, etc.) to achieve autonomous transportation.

High visualization and safety

The visualization of task execution and intelligent management of storage location are realized. A simple and efficient solution, and a reliable defense without blind spots, greatly save the customer's maintenance costs and reduce unnecessary downtime. The 24V/48V battery power supply reduces energy accumulation. When the battery pack appears smoking, fire, and other phenomena in the assembly process, it will automatically change the route to the fire station to avoid fires and minimize danger.

High flexibility

Change the traditional conveyor line, complex assembly and disassembly, position fixing and difficult to change, and massive workflow changes. Using intelligent forklifts, changing the program can complete the route and process changes.

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