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Casun | How To Do The Logistics Transferring For Pack Line?

With the further implementation of concepts such as carbon neutrality, the shortage of supply in the new energy lithium battery industry has become more and more prominent. In this context, expanding capacity and improving delivery efficiency have become an urgent need for the lithium battery industry. At present, it is difficult to improve the compression in the production process. Therefore, most of the leading enterprises in the lithium battery industry focus on increasing production lines and improving the efficiency of production and operation, and hope to exchange production capacity with investment and exchange efficiency with intelligence.

AGV and AGV intelligent solutions

Compared with traditional automation equipment, AGV can be rapidly deployed, flexibly applied, and form closed-loop data flow on the production line, which makes the production line with AGV become an advantageous solution for many enterprises in the new energy lithium power industry to expand production line and increase production capacity. CASUN Intelligence is one of the mainstream manufacturers with the ability to provide intelligent solutions for in-plant logistics AGV.

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co., LTD., founded in 2007, is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of China AGV and AGV intelligent solutions. The main products include the CASUN intelligent control system, AGV chassis algorithm, and eight series of mobile robot products compatible with the fourth-generation navigation system. Our customers cover new energy lithium batteries, flat panel displays, automobiles and parts, 3C electronics, food and beverage, home appliances, tobacco, and other industries. Up to now, we have completed and implemented more than 2,100 AGV system solutions and delivered up to 16,000 AGV products of various types. It was successfully listed on the NEEQ in 2015 and is a classic brand in the AGV industry.

Take the Pack line transferring project provided by Casun Intelligent for a lithium battery enterprise, which is the world's leading brand of lithium battery, as an example. The operation process of the production line is an annular assembly line, including charge and discharge test, heating film test, airtightness test, and other processes.

It is understood that there are still many problems in the traditional Pack line transport, which are shown as follows: first, there are many types of field automation equipment, and there is no information interaction between the systems of each equipment, resulting in manual data recording, large workload, and high error rate; Second, the large working area and long handling path of Pack production line, which depend on the mismatch between the speed of manual operation and the beat of the production line, restrict the production capacity of enterprises. Third, it is difficult to fix the parking position of manual handling materials, and the position is offset, which leads to the docking error of on-site automation equipment, which affects the smooth completion of production operations, and even causes derivative risks such as equipment failure.

The AGV intelligent solution provided by Casun Intelligent has made two major improvements to solve the three problems mentioned above

AGV intelligent scheduling system

Firstly, the solution proposed by Casun Intelligence is equipped with the AGV intelligent scheduling system, which can realize the system's independence in the material calling, intelligent handling, information collection, intelligent storage, and seamless connection with the user's production management system, effectively solving the problem of difficult interaction between equipment and forming a closed loop of data flow. In addition, the AGV intelligent scheduling system can help to make the on-site logistics intelligent, realizing the optimization of storage location, path and task allocation, and solving the problem of inconsistent production line beats. Secondly, the AGV involved in the solution owns mature and stable technology, which can accurately read the positioning information and control the docking accuracy within ±10mm. It can effectively ensure the smooth completion of production operations, reduce manual intervention and truly realize the construction of the unmanned workshops.

As for the finally constructed performance of Casun intelligent Pack line transferring project, it is reported that the final product of this project is a flexible production line, which can effectively improve the flexibility of production scheduling and save roughly 10 million RMB in fixed equipment investment cost. Effectively reduce material damage during the handling process, and reduce the defect rate by around 90%; Make the transportation accuracy to 99%, and they can meet the requirements of the pack production line in the full production peak.”

When you asked how Casun Intelligent Robot took hold in the Pack link of the lithium battery industry and became the strategic partner of many leading enterprises in the lithium battery industry, Ms. Li Yan, marketing director of Casun Intelligent Robot, said: "First of all, the in-depth analysis of customers’ requirement and a comprehensive understanding of industry applications, combined with the rich experiences of intelligent logistics in the factory accumulated for 14 years since the establishment of Casun Intelligent Robot. Casun Intelligent Robot has long focused on the research of various industrial application scenarios and has a deep technical accumulation in project construction. Second, Casun insists on the oriented service concept of "customer-centric", not only to do a good job in products but also to do a good job in services. Aiming at the new energy lithium battery industry, Casun has built a professional implementation team, and stayed at the project site of end customers for a long time, constantly do self-improvement in practice, and gradually grow with the development of customers. Finally, it is the innovation ability of Casun that builds the friendship between Casun and its users. Casun has a strong research and development team and efficient product conversion ability, supporting low-key, elegant, and steady progress. Stay with the stronger and dance with The Times."

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