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Project Background:

This project is a 42GWh power battery project, which is the largest industrial project in terms of single investment scale in recent years in Ganzhou City. Focusing on the field of power batteries, it vigorously promotes the development of new energy and new energy vehicles industry. The company actively overcomes the impact of the epidemic, fully promotes the project construction, aiming to achieve the completion and production of the factory ahead of schedule, presenting a good trend of accelerated development.

The smart logistics products used in this project are mainly used for the transportation of materials in the production line of Phase I of the PACK, achieving efficient and intelligent production.

1.Difficulty of Application of Autonomous Mobile Robot Project in the New Energy Industry

  1. High Flexibility Requirements

The PACK is developed according to the requirements of the entire vehicle factory, with targeted research and development for different vehicle models, and has strong customization attributes, which puts more requirements on the automation production line.

  1. High Safety and Stability Requirements

The various modules of the power battery pack need to be organically combined through the interaction of various mature technologies to ensure the safety and stability of the core energy storage device cells, and to ensure product safety.

  1. High Production Line Beat Requirements

The traditional production line needs to be changed, with the growth in demand for lithium batteries requiring production to maintain high beat rates and efficient production to meet market supply needs.

2.Casun Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution

  1. Dozens of unidirectional lurking traction mobile robots, backpack transfer mobile robots, automatic charging stations, central management systems, dispatch systems, and CRMS mobile robot control systems were used in this project.

  2. The autonomous mobile robot intelligent control system realizes all mobile robot task management, task assignment, process tracking, status monitoring, and abnormal alarm. It also exchanges data with the MES of the assembly line and the PLC between each area to achieve functions such as workpiece processing process tracking, task distribution, and traffic control.

  3. Docking with the MES system, autonomously calling for materials, and realizing the automatic production line material turnover for PACK.

  4. Comprehensive warehousing management functions and flexible modular design to meet various requirements of intelligent warehousing.

3.Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots Applied in New Energy Battery Manufacturing


  1. High automation and stability

Unidirectional sneaking and traction mobile robots are used in battery pack assembly, while omnidirectional back-loading and transfer mobile robots are used in battery pack transportation, achieving stable and efficient automation upgrade.

  1. High reliability design

By realizing high precision and easy changeover functions between workstations and combining buffer stations, the entire product fluctuation can be absorbed, thereby improving production flexibility.

  1. High flexibility design

In case of abnormalities in the preceding and following processes, the intelligent control system automatically puts/takes out the products from the transfer platform according to the process cycle, greatly shortening the debugging cycle. When the product process changes, some workstations can be replaced to achieve process switching and adjustment, and the production line layout has high flexibility and occupies a small area.


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