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Casun Won the Blockbuster!

On August 25-27, 2022, the 12th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 8th Capek Prize Award Ceremony, themed "Meet Capek and See the New Future", was held in Wuhu. The Capek Prize, the "Nobel" of robotics industry, was announced, and Casun won the "8th Capek Annual Value Brand Award", showing the brand strength and industry influence. brand strength and industry influence.


Casun is a professional enterprise for industrial manufacturing, with perfect product system, technical strength, product innovation ability, leading annual sales, per capita output value and high quality brand reputation, and significant technical and market contribution to China's robotics industry, it was selected from more than 200 mobile robotics companies in the competition, and won the "8th Annual Chapek Value Brand Award" with praise and recognition from all walks of life.


1、Autonomous mobile robot fifteen years of industry implementation experience

Comprehensive application scenarios and wide industry coverage, providing more professional products and solutions.


2、Mature technology of independent mobile robot products

Application of leading multiple navigation technologies, including multi-line laser navigation and visual navigation, etc., higher security, mobile robot positioning accuracy of millimeter level, widely used in various industries of intelligent logistics scenarios.


3、Autonomous mobile robots with high innovation capacity

Continuous iteration of the full range of standard products, leading layout of forward-looking technology, to achieve automatic and efficient completion of the beat requirements, automatic delivery of heavy materials to the workstation, to meet the needs of individual customization.


4、Stable quality of autonomous mobile robots

Mature and stable supply chain system, reliable delivery time, advantageous cost control. Help the industry to reduce the overall operating costs, handling process bad material damage reduced by 90%.


5、High compatibility and low transformation cost of autonomous mobile robots

Route and process changes can be completed by changing the program. It can realize 7×24 continuous operation, full compatibility of small, medium and large pieces, full applicability of cargo box, rack and pallet, and unmanned operation through carrier transfer or direct backloading of goods.


6、System control of autonomous mobile robots is the core competence

Realize the full intelligence of material circulation, dynamic prediction, warehouse heat statistics and management. Implementing full process recording, tracking and retrieval to reduce the frequency of mishandling. Intelligent loading and unloading, autonomous transportation and intelligent sorting, multiple scheduling algorithms to support different sorting scenarios.


Casun continues to develop new technology products and solutions based on industry pain points, strengthen the innovative application of mobile robotics and artificial intelligence in various industries, and help the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing.

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