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Industry Sharing: The Development of Logistics Mobile Robots in the New Era

On December 9, 2021, the "2021 Ninth Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2021 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference" hosted by "Logistics Technology and Application" was held in Suzhou. With the theme of "Gathering the Same Way, Leading the Future with Wisdom", this conference attracted leaders from relevant departments and industry associations, as well as industry elites such as logistics integrators, logistics equipment companies, and typical users of logistics equipment. CASUN was invited to attend and won the "Excellent Case Award" of the intelligent logistics industry in 2021.

The theme of the conference is "Gathering the Same Way, Leading the Future with Wisdom", and participants conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as market demand, technological innovation direction, future trends, opportunities, challenges and countermeasures about China's logistics technology and equipment technology. Ms. Li Yan, Assistant General Manager of CASUN Co., Ltd., combined with the development status of the logistics intelligent equipment AMR/AGV industry, shared her opinion on the theme of "Self-control and Governance in the Awakening Era of Logistics Mobile Robots".

After more than ten years of application of AGV/AMR, the logistics mobile robot industry has entered a stage of rapid development. It has basically bid farewell to the stage of education and user cultivation. The demand of consumer groups for autonomous mobile robots in logistics has entered a period of spontaneous and autonomous awakening. At the same time, AGV/AMR companies have also shown a savage growth attitude.

In such a stage where the market is improving and all companies are competing, how to maintain the ecological balance of the industry and realize the long-term sustainable development of enterprises and industries is a problem that must be considered by all enterprises in the industry.

Ms. Li Yan first interpreted the "self-control" and "governance" in the speech topic. She said that "self-control" refers to a company's self-regulatory mentality; "governance" refers to how companies collaborate to build an ecological environment for sustainable long-term development in the process of industry development.

Then, she shared the three parts of the logistics autonomous mobile robot industry, symbiosis and co-prosperity, orderly competition and cooperation, and CASUN's self-cultivation.

In the industry sector, according to statistics, more than 100 new AGV/AMR companies have been shortlisted in the past two years, and the market size is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2021, with a growth rate of more than 35%. Under the rapid growth, industry problems have also emerged, such as overdrafting the future, high-paying poaching, product convergence, carving out its monopoly market, and low-price competition.

For these issues, she suggested that we should start from two dimensions: standardization construction and industry-university-research cooperation to strengthen the construction of professional talent team.

In addition, she also summarized four suggestions for the realization of enterprise self-control and orderly competition and cooperation, including focusing on market segments by focusing on customers, building core products on the basis of quality, improving delivery time based on the principle of application, and increasing profitability oriented by operation.

Finally, she shared the relevant experience of CASUN from the three dimensions of product power, service power and influence. It is hoped that in this era of the awakening of autonomous mobile robots in logistics, all friends and business competitors in the industry can achieve high-level self-control, and cooperate to manage the situation, build a healthy and lasting ecological environment, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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