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CASUN Empowers Smart Upgrade in the Automotive Industry!

In the automobile industry, mobile robots are mainly used for the transportation and loading and unloading of motor bearings in new energy vehicle motor workshops, realizing the automation process of timely material calling for machine tool shortage and carrying automation of semifinished and finished products offline. The aim is to create a smart factory, improve overall operation efficiency, and realize unmanned production in the factory.

Difficulties of the project of autonomous mobile robots

High production transportation rhythm requirements

The transportation rhythm on site of this project is fast, with semifinished products transported between multiple processes, requiring 8 loading and unloading times to be completed within a total rhythm of 4.5 minutes, with an average of 40 seconds per time.

High requirements for automation

There are a lot of cached materials between various processes, and there is no real-time inventory data. It is necessary to call the material in a timely manner when the machine tool is lacking, and to realize the automation of industrial production logistics distribution, and to flexibly and efficiently complete the material handling tasks.

High requirements for flexibility and intelligence

The process route is complex, the number of mobile robots is large, which extremely tests the precise response ability of autonomous mobile robots, the dispatching ability of intelligent control systems, and the stable docking ability of external systems.

Solution of autonomous mobile robots

1) This project applied more than 30 SLAM navigation back-loading transfer robots, 6 sets of automated charging stations, 1 manual charger, 1 set of AGVS+PMS system, 1 set of upper computer system, etc.

2) The intelligent control system of the mobile robots is docked with the customer's MES system, line-end equipment, and line system to achieve data sharing and data docking, intelligently plan the optimal transportation path for the mobile robots, improve the efficiency of storage in and out, improve production efficiency, and save costs.

3) Autonomous mobile robots complete the transfer of semifinished products between multiple processes in order according to dispatching information.

The advantages of autonomous mobile robots solutions

Autonomous navigation positioning system, dual promotion of driving perception and stability.

The mobile robots use SLAM navigation, which has sensitive environmental perception and excellent multi-environment adaptability. Stable map construction and visual detection technologies achieve precise positioning with an accuracy of ±5mm.

Multi-system linkage to realize intelligent manufacturing

The intelligent control system of mobile robots is docked with MES system to automatically generate storage in and out scheduling tasks, real-time management of warehouse material information, cooperate with machine tools and mechanical hands to achieve intelligent loading and unloading, and no manual intervention is required throughout the process.

Intelligent scheduling to achieve efficient application

Intelligently plan the optimal path, reducing inefficient walking and improving operating efficiency. Autonomous mobile robots intelligent control system can also manage warehouse material information in real time, achieve account and object synchronization, and call for materials in a timely manner when the machine tool is lacking.

Product introduction of autonomous mobile robots

The product used in this solution is the SLAM navigation back-loading transfer robot series, one of the Jia Shun Intelligence's star products. This natural navigation mobile robot has nine major advantages:

Strong load capacity

It supports the docking and transportation of 600kg goods.

Strong environmental adaptability

When SLAM constructs a map, its precision is high, and it can update the running map autonomously according to changes in the scene during operation, thus greatly improving environmental applicability.

Cross-area operation

It can be docked with various channel equipment such as elevators, electronic doors, and air shower rooms to achieve cross-floor and cross-area operation.

High positioning accuracy

The repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm.

High operating efficiency

It adopts dual-wheel differential drive and can quickly improve its speed (0-72m/min only takes 3 seconds). It also has fast rotation function (180-degree rotation only takes 3 seconds) and fast lifting function (lifting 60mm only takes 3 seconds).

Cluster scheduling

It has the function of multiple mobile robots cooperating and cluster scheduling.


It has a perfect self-diagnosis function and remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery functions.

Autonomous charging

When the power is low, it can automatically go to the charging station for automatic charging, realizing 24-hour operation without manual intervention.

Multiple safety protections

It is equipped with laser obstacle detection sensors, mechanical collision protection devices, and audio and visual warning systems to ensure safe operation.

In this project, CASUN's standardized service process, excellent product performance and advanced technology, and rich and efficient project implementation experience have enabled this automobile enterprise to successfully realize intelligent upgrading.

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