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CASUN: Innovation Empowers Brilliance, Accelerating the Leading Role in New Intelligent Manufacturing!

In July 2022, CASUN was awarded the "2022 Mobile Robot Outstanding Brand Award" for its solid product foundation, excellent technical solutions, strong brand influence, and senior industry position.

AGV mobile robot won the award again


Under Industry 4.0, the market demand for high-end manufacturing will become more urgent. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the overall pace of intelligent upgrading has not slowed down. Looking at various sub-industries, the new energy industry represented by lithium batteries is growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of nearly 100%, and the sales of AGV applications in the new energy industry have increased by over 150%. CASUN has taken the lead in releasing a series of new energy lithium-specific robots, and as a top service provider in the industry's intelligent logistics solution, has empowered industrial upgrading through technological cooperation.


From the perspective of the practical level of numerical control software, the fully automated intelligent system, including trajectory, speed, output basis, and current control, will be the future development direction. CASUN has a full-stack self-developed technology system, several systems working in coordination, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality digital logistics products. The mobile robot control system can be docked with the enterprise's production management system, material management system, and other production equipment control systems, realizing efficient handling through AGV/AMR control at the lower level. It can also be compatible with other brands of robots in the same industry, realizing cross-floor, multiple scenes, and multiple models of system operations. And with advanced technologies such as autonomous obstacle avoidance, high-precision docking, and visual correction, it continues to assist in the flexible and intelligent upgrading of industries such as new energy lithium, automobiles, and parts.

AGV mobile robot promotes change and assists in upgrading


The "2022 Global Logistics Technology Conference" sponsored by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing was held in Haikou, and CASUN, with its 15-year advantage, won the "Recommended Brand for Logistics Technology Equipment" award again.


The new generation of energy and information technology is increasingly influencing social changes and development. The application of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G, and other technologies in the logistics industry has entered a golden period, promoting the development of the manufacturing industry's supply chain towards digitalization, intelligence, networking, transparency, and flexibility. As a smart logistics leading brand, CASUN will continue to accelerate the application of new technologies in the logistics industry, and assist in industrial upgrading and the high-quality development of the logistics industry.

Combining years of practical experience, CASUN products continue to iterate and upgrade, with autonomous planning, dynamic decision-making, behavioral control, environmental perception, and collaborative interaction. At the software system level, the CASUN CWMS system can monitor the storage and status of goods in real-time and rationally allocate storage space, reducing resource waste under traditional management models, and achieving low-cost intelligent warehousing management. The CWCS system can coordinate various logistics and automation equipment in the warehouse and perform unified scheduling and monitoring of equipment, and the CASS system can deeply integrate warehouse management with AGV/AMR cluster scheduling, in conjunction with intelligent sorting terminals to achieve efficient sorting requirements. The CDSS system can simulate the process digitally to detect potential problems early and improve project delivery quality.

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